Disadvantages of Living in a Big City Essay

The metropolis is a topographic point where all industrial. cultural and educational centres are situated. Therefore. there are infinite occupation chances and activities to busy one’s clip. However. there are many grounds why life in a large metropolis is non ever advantageous in footings of unemployment. cost of life and being crowded. First of all. in large metropoliss. unemployment rate is high. Tonss of people migrate to metropoliss with the purpose of happening a occupation and holding a good life. Therefore. there are more laborers ( workers ) than occupation gaps so many people compete for a individual occupation. Therefore. people can non happen a occupation easy and acquire disappointed. Second. the cost of life is typically higher in large metropoliss. Rents are high because there is less land but many people. For illustration. the rent of a house in Besiktas is around 1000 Liras.

It is excessively high for many people who work in ordinary occupations. Besides. nutrient is expensive. excessively. Therefore. unless you have a well-paid occupation. you can non afford to make many things in a large metropolis. Another disadvantage is that metropoliss are overcrowded. Many people immigrate to metropoliss to analyze or to happen a occupation. Streets are full of people and public transit vehicles are packed. For illustration. eating houses are ever crowded so you have to wait for an unfastened tabular array and on a long line. To sum up. life in a large metropolis has many disadvantageous such as unemployment. cost of life and crowdedness. Therefore. people should believe twice earlier traveling to large metropoliss.

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