Definition Of Smes In Mauritius Economics Essay

SME includes endeavors in all economic sectors. The turnover standard is used, that is no distinction between services and fabricating sectors has been made for little endeavors. Medium-sized endeavors are by and large more sophisticated by nature and degree of engineering, while little endeavors are normally characterized by their more ‘developmental ‘ degree of operations. ”

Historical background:

SMEs in Mauritius can be traced back to the 1960 ‘s. Local enterprisers were advancing companies to run into the demand for import-substituting goods which was the first measure towards making a formal SME sector in the Mauritanian economic system. Therefore in 1976, the Small Scale Industry Unit ( SSIU ) was set up at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

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The SSIU became the Small Industry Development Organization ( SIDO ) in 1983 in a position to hold a more incorporate policy.

In 1988, there came a proviso of the legal model in the signifier of Small Scale Industry ( SSI ) . Through the Industrial Expansion Act of 1993, the Small & A ; Medium Industries Development Organization ( SMIDO Act ) was created with an expanded function to consolidate and farther develop a modern SME sector in the state.

Finally the SMIDO Act was replaced in 2005 by Small Enterprises and Handicraft Development Act ( SEHDA ) . The SEHDA was created following a amalgamation of SMIDO and National Handicraft Promotion bureau ( NHPA ) . The chief purpose was to be the Centre of excellence for serving SMEs and besides to apologize and optimise the usage of resources to the little concern sector in Mauritius.

Enterprises to advance SMEs:

The Business Facilitation and Counseling Unit of SMEDA offer the undermentioned services:

Business guidance

Aid to fix concern programs

Information on concern enrollment, that is, licenses and clearances required to get down concern.

Marketing aid


Information on assorted loan installations

Aid to turn up specialised services provided by other establishments

Expansion/ modernisation of bing concern

The SMEDA farther supply management-based plans and besides skill-based plans such as handcraft. The SMEDA besides conducts Training Need Assistance ( TNA ) yearly to place other developing demands among bing SMEs. In add-on the SMEDA organizes preparation plans, seminars, workshops and conferences to raise consciousness and capacity edifice of SMEs. The IVTB, Institut de la Francophonie pour l’entrepreneuriat ( IFE ) and the Mauritius Employers ‘ Federation offers several preparation and instruction plans and classs.

Support to SMEs:

The undermentioned establishments play a important function in heightening the fight of SME sector by moving as facilitators, supplier of fiscal support, preparation, consultancy services, selling and export aid:

Small and Medium Enterprise development Authority ( SMEDA )

Agricultural Research and extension Unit ( AREU )

Enterprise Mauritius ( EU )

National Computer Board ( NCB )

Ministry of Business Enterprises and Cooperatives ( Business Enterprise Division )

Human Resource Development Council ( HRDC )

Development Bank of Mauritius ( DBM )

Mauritius Post Cooperative Bank ( MPCB )

The Mauritius Standards Bureau

State investing Corporation ( SIC )

Furthermore financial inducements such as freedoms of land transition revenue enhancement are offered. There are besides other non-fiscal inducements like edifice and land usage permits. Besides assorted loan strategies for SMEs are available at the DBM Ltd, particularly in the stage of crisis like the euro zone. There are other renting strategies for acquisition and modernisation of equipment by SMEs. New Micro Enterprises Scheme for adult females has besides been introduced.

In add-on there are besides fiscal support such as services offered by the Restructuring working Group ( RWG ) -National Resilience Fund and the strategies of Mauritius Business Growth Scheme ( MBGS ) .

The SMEs are governed by several cardinal statute laws:


Labour Act

Wage Orders

Business Registration Act

Business Facilitation Act

Employment dealingss Act

Companies Act

SME Legislations

Local Govt act

Across the universe today, it is well-known fact that SMEs play an of import, possibly a major, function in employment creative activity. The president of SEHDA believes that the part of SMEs to economic growing is undeniable and it is with much energy that major support establishments in Mauritius have allocated resources to the development of entrepreneurship.

SMEs & A ; Employment

As in most states, SMEs have been viewed to be an employment generator engine and Mauritius is no exclusion. SMEs are lending about 37 % to the GDP and using more than 50 % of the work force. It is said that SMEs make more employment than big endeavors because chiefly they tend to be more labour-intensive that requires lesser capital disbursement on engineering.

SMEs & A ; Exports

An addition in export non merely boosts the degree of gross revenues and employment but besides extend the life rhythm of goods and services. It has besides been analyzed that Mauritian SMEs which have possible to export merely do so when chances arise as they view themselves unable to vie in the international market. Trading in the regional axis like COMESA, SADC, among others besides increases export degree.

SMEs & A ; Innovation

Since SMEs frequently face survival hazards in market competition, therefore they tend to introduce to execute better. This besides brings economic growing. A engineering Centre will be set up to assist SMEs continuously adapt, innovate and better their engineering. In this enterprise, SMEDA will regenerate contacts with foreign establishments such as CSIR, DTI ( South Africa ) , NSIC ( India ) , SMEDA ( Pakistan ) and MATRADE ( Malaysia ) .

Globalization & A ; Mauritanian SMEs

SMEs are already sing unprecedented challenges as a consequence of trade liberalisation in line with the globalisation procedure, the WTO ordinances and the dismantlement of our safety cyberspaces ( Multi Fibre Agreement, Sugar Protocol ) . This state of affairs is being farther aggravated by economic convulsion in our major markets, cut pharynx and unjust competition from imported merchandises coming from low costs states.

Enterprises will hold to introduce in order to be pro-active in managing the negative impact of globalisation. To back up and help enterprisers, the SMEDA is supplying several services to consolidate their fight and growing, such as trade carnivals, trade stores and exhibition Centre, market research and guidance, readying of strategic programs and interceding / networking with public and private sector sister organisations.


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