Decision making software Essay

Question 1
Life Orientation is an umbrella term which encompasses all the work that instructors should be making with scholars and include school counsel. guidance and life accomplishments. QUESTION 2
Acceptance is concerned with all facets of acquisition.
Question 3
Three ( 3 ) different types of idea developments can be differentiated. QUESTION 4
An intensive. extended calling instruction programme helps scholars to derive cognition of who they are. QUESTION 5
Lindhard and Oosthuizen differentiate between the undermentioned rules of determination devising. viz. : purposes and value ; information ; solution and determination devising.
Question 6

A facilitative procedure is where the single expressions at his/her ain involvements. Question 7
Appraisal should merely concentrate on the learner’s rational abilities. QUESTION 8
Observation is an exploratory technique that should be portion of every educator’s function. QUESTION 9
The deduction of the structured interview is that the interviewer and the scholar encounter each other as equal spouses.

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Question 10
Individual guidance is preponderantly used as a manner of reding in school scenes. QUESTION 11
In the instruction of Life Skills instruction the scholar is the Centre. ETH203Q/101
Question 12
In educational support the content should be presented in such a manner that the scholars themselves achieve personalization.
Question 13
Study methods and reading accomplishments are categorized as personal accomplishments. QUESTION 14
Roll uping a budget and composing a CV are categorized as endurance accomplishments.

Question 15
Imagining are dependent upon the senses and is a stipulation for larning. QUESTION 16
The scholar is able to exceed world and come in a universe of “nonreality” through the procedure of personalization.
Question 17
The composite interview method is made up of the best elements from the direct and indirect interviews. Question 18
The three chief considerations regulating a calling pick are occupation description. working conditions and occupation chances.
Question 19
In the determination devising procedure the delaying decider is the “whatever will be. will be” type. QUESTION 20
During observation the scholar is ever the object. ( 20 )


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