DBQ: The Battle of Gettysburg Essay

It is 1863. and the people of the United and Confederate States are inquiring who will win this Great Civil War. Southern General Robert E. Lee decided to do a bold move and marched his military personnels to Pennsylvania to accomplish a triumph on Union dirt. As the intelligence of Lee’s ground forces reached Northern General Meade. they followed in immediate chase. The Battle of Gettysburg is a important turning point in Civil War due to the expiration of the Southern progress into Northern States and it resulted in a detrimental impact in the Confederate Army’s supply of soldiers.

Since the Battle of Gettysburg ceased the Southern patterned advance into the North. it became a critical minute in the Civil War. Document A has shown that conflicts continued in Southern Territories. such as Georgia. Tennessee. and Missouri after Gettysburg. Without Gettysburg’s powerful consequence. the Southern Army would hold continued to hold advanced into Northern Territories. The conflict proved to be a dramatic alteration in the Northern Army. since it allowed more conflicts to organize in the South. but ne’er once more in the North. Due to the Battle of Gettysburg. the Union ground forces stomped on Southern attempts to make a win on Union dirt and lead to destructive conflicts in the South.

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Furthermore. the conflict besides accordingly caused legion deceases in the Confederate Army. At Gettysburg. 23 thousand work forces of the North’s nine-hundred and 18 thousand ground forces died. while 20 to 25 1000 soldiers died out of two-hundred and 78 1000 Southern Army. Therefore. Gettysburg proved to be a major impact on the Southern Army’s power to contend the North and diminished the opportunities of a Rebel triumph. These casualties reflected in the Confederate Army’s commanding generals. which lead to the substandard preparation and executing of the Southern soldiers in ulterior conflicts. Without a uncertainty. Gettysburg demonstrated the power of the Union and shattered the Confederate Army in infinite casualties.

Through discontinuing Southern progresss and snuff outing their ground forces. the Battle of Gettysburg proved to be a enormously important turning point in the Great Civil War for the North. Although other major Battles. such as Vicksburg. which gave complete control of the Mississippi River to the North. Gettysburg resulted in more significant consequence in the War. The significance of Gettysburg is shown by the impacts in the Civil War. chiefly negatively to the South. The Battle of Gettysburg can be related today because it shows that through doggedness the odds will come in your favour.


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