Dark Hills Divide Is A Fiction Novel English Literature Essay

The Dark Hills Divide is a fiction novel written by Patrick Carman. Alexa Daley has been looking for a manner outside the walls of Birdewell her full life. During the summer, Alexa is ever mousing about Birdewell and acquiring into problem. Then one twenty-four hours she eventually manages to acquire outside the walls. Outside the walls Alexa finds some new friends, animate beings and worlds. Alexa besides finds out that the Land of Elyon is in danger and she has to salvage it.

Alexa Daley is the chief character in this book. She is 12 old ages old and short for her age. Her articulatio genuss are knobbly and her weaponries are scraggy. She keeps her hair, which is sandy-colored, in a plait about all the clip. Alexa has a craft personality that keeps her in mischievousness but helps her in difficult times. At merely four-and-a-half pess tall, she is able to acquire in and out of tight topographic points throughout her escapades.

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Yipes is a little adult male who lives in the mountains outside the walls. He was treated severely when he was a kid because he is unnaturally short. Yipes has a little and orderly moustache, dark eyes, and light brown tegument. He is really sort and loyal to his carnal friends. Yipes becomes Alexa ‘s friend after she ventures outside the walls. He helps Alexa throughout the narrative.

The narrative begins with Alexa and her male parent going to Birdewell for the summer. At dinner one dark with some friends, Alexa learns about a adult female named Renny. She learned that Renny made alone rocks called Jocastas. Alexa finds a Jocasta that has a map designed on it. The map shows a secret passageway in the library. Alexa decides to travel down the secret passageway and finds out that it ends outside the walls. Outside the transition, Alexa finds Yipes waiting for her. Yipes tells Alexa to follow him up the mountain. After mounting for a long clip, Yipes tells Alexa to walk along the watercourse where she will happen a little pool. In the pool, Alexa finds a rock that allows her to talk to animate beings. Alexa so meets Darius, a elephantine but sort wolf. Darius takes Alexa to a meeting with all the animate beings in the wood. Ander, a grey bear and the forest male monarch, told Alexa that the walls were built by inmates. After the walls were up, Warvold, the walls laminitis, returned the inmates Ainsworth, but the prison was overruning so the Ainsworth leaders in secret set the inmates free in the Dark Hills with a promise from the inmates that they would non be a fuss. Ander told Alexa that the inmates leader, a adult male who goes by the secret name Sebastian, is indoors Birdewell and must be found because he is shaving to catch the metropolis. Yipes so took Alexa to endorse to the secret passageway so that she could travel back to Birdewell.

Alexa did non travel back outside the walls, but kept in touch with everyone by a overactive squirrel named Murphy. A few yearss after Alexa ‘s trip outside the walls, Murphy came one dark stating that the inmates were traveling to catch Birdewell a midnight the following dark. Since Alexa did non cognize who Sebastian was and he was approximately to assail, she told her male parent about him and his programs the following forenoon. Her male parent so called a meeting with Ganesh the Birdewell city manager, Warvold ‘s boy Nicolas, Grayson the librarian, and Silas the mail bearer. During the meeting, Alexa told them the inmates were traveling to acquire into Birdewell from a passageway right under the land. They made a program to set up a new wall merely around the centre of town, where the inmates were traveling to get. They closed off the library so that Sebastian could non acquire out to warn the inmates. That dark, Alexa ‘s male parent told her to travel to her room and lock the door. She went to her room, locked the door, and looked at the clock. There was 10 proceedingss till midnight. Alexa was disappointed that she had non found out who Sebastian was, but there was nil she could make.

About two proceedingss subsequently, Murphy came in her room through the window stating that person had used the secret passageway in the library. Everyone was outdoors so it was merely Alexa and Murphy softly walking towards the library. Once they got to the passageway, they went in. They followed boulder clay they found a lamp scene in a corner. Then they saw another lamp coming from in front of them. They tried to travel back the manner they had come, but the adult male saw them. He took the fire fire hook that Alexa had brought and said that if they followed him, he would kill them. They watched him walk off and so followed softly. Sebastian was heading for the Dark Hills to be with his work forces but all the ways were blocked. When they found him once more, he was looking at a map of the belowground transitions seeking to happen a manner out. Alexa told him that Renny, Warvold ‘s married woman, knew that he was Sebastian but had to convert Warvold. Alexa said that the hints led her to Warvold ‘s favourite book where it talked about “ an fanciful God called Ganesh. ” Ganesh so took the fire fire hook and was about to kill Alexa when there was a large clang and Ganesh fell. Standing at that place was Darius and Yipes. Ganesh was dead. The program to capture the inmates worked and they were split up and sent to different prisons. A month subsequently, the people of Birdewell decided to destruct the walls. Life went back to normal, and everyone liked it better with the walls gone.

Trouble-maker Alexa Daley wanted a manner outside the walls environing Birdewell. So when she found one, she took it. She ne’er would hold guessed that traveling outside the walls would take her to Yipes, speaking to animate beings, and larning that there was an invasion coming. So Alexa stars out on her quest to happen out who Sebastian is. It turned out to be a good thing when she told her male parent, because Birdewell ne’er would hold been prepared. She thought there was nil she could make, but she found out Sebastian was and helped salvage the twenty-four hours. Now she has a new friend and no walls to keep her dorsum.


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