Dalman Swot Essay

Dalman and Lei are sing a large-scale enlargement for their concern. Sandwich Blitz. In order to come to the right decision they need to make a SWOT analysis which means happening a strength. a failing. an chance and a menace in respects to the operations of the concern. By executing a SWOT analysis Dalman and Lei will be able to happen factual information about their internal and external concern environment. Then they will be able to take advantage of chances presented to them by playing on their strengths. rectifying their failings and counter moving menaces. or those points or actions of rivals deemed possible menaces. The first portion of making the SWOT analysis is to place one strength and one failing in respects to Sandwich Blitz’s internal resources. Sandwich Blitz’s strength is that they have a positive hard currency flow and Lei knows that they have adequate money to open two new locations. Even though she mentions that there has been a lessening in traffic in the shops near the office Parks they are still doing a net income. Their failing is their internal construction is non working right at the minute.

Dalman and Lei are passing the bulk of their clip assisting the directors with budgeting and the day-to-day accounting procedure. These are things the directors should be making themselves without Dalman and Lei’s aid. The 2nd portion of making the SWOT analysis is to place one chance and one menace in respects to Sandwich Blitz’s external environment. Sandwich Blitz presently has eight locations but they are all within one metropolitan country. So. an chance for Sandwich Blitz is that they could spread out into another metropolis. The menace that Sandwich Blitz faces is that rivals are come ining the market because they have shown to be profitable. Lei references that there are two new franchise operations emerging into the market that offer similar nutrient merchandises as Sandwich Blitz. In short. Dalman and Lei need to set together a strategic program to work out the issues that the concern is presently confronting before they jump pess foremost into the thought of spread outing and opening new locations.

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