Corporate Social Responsibility For Malaysian Economics Essay


Housing-buyers ‘ outlook with relation to corporate societal duty for Malayan lodging written by Lee Hong Sharon Yam and W.Stanley McGreal and published in the International Journal of Housing Market and Analysis ( 2010 ) . This article is to analyze outlook of the house-buyers ‘ to the Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) that provided by the developers in the lodging industry. CSR as the duty of direction to do picks and take actions that will lend to the public assistance and involvements of society every bit good as the organisation.

The writers have been discussed that there are two focal point groups used to calculate out the standards and satisfaction degree of the house-buyers ‘ for lodging, factors impacting purchasing determination and outlook on societal duties of developers. Besides, the article besides discusses how CSR influence the house-buyers ‘ behaviour and the economic status would impact the income degree as the cardinal issue for purchasing house in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

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The chief construct of this article is to discourse about the impact of CSR on the house-buyers ‘ outlook. The writers have done a research of a instance survey in the Johor Bahru, Malaysia to analyze the elements of CSR affect the buying-decision of housing-buyers ‘ . In this instance, as the status of economic growing, it will pull more new developers by presenting a batch of new CSR features to remain fight in lodging industry. As a consequence, a focal point group is form by a group of persons that chose by research workers to notice based on their experience and observation to analyze the purchasers ‘ perceptual experience on CSR in lodging industry, moreover it besides used to roll up the immediate information about the society ‘s wants. The focal point groups are classified into two group which are flush purchasers with extra CSR features and lower income earner with basic comfortss on their buying determination. This article is based on the house-buyers ‘ position towards the societal duty of developers and their apprehension of CSR in lodging development. Harmonizing to this instance survey, it consequences that most buyers were non familiar with the CSR, and therefore the focal point group had been help the developers to understand demands of the buyers, such as CSR elements should be provided by the developers in lodging industry.

However, this article shows the consequence of the basic standards of a lodging that will impact the flush purchaser which are willing to pay excess to bask the more comfy environment due to their higher net incomes whereas those lower income earners are different because they are more concern approximately monetary value as a monetary value sensitive purchaser.

The both focus groups have the similarity which is the societal duty of the developers are of import by supplying the CSR features harmonizing to their demands. The writers province that they are willing to pay if it is just although the lower income earners are more concern about the monetary value degree in purchasing houses as they are monetary value sensitive. Otherwise, the writers besides discuss the factors impacting the house purchase determination of the housing-buyers ‘ by ranking these factors in the table signifier. As a consequence, the flush buyer group is emphasize on the location so followed by the CSR characteristics, undertaking environment and monetary value degree while the lower income earners are more concern with monetary value which is chief factor and the location, CSR characteristics and undertaking environment are the low-level factors to them.

As a decision, this article consequences that the housing-buyers ‘ income degree is the cardinal issue that impacting the outlook on CSR because the lower income earners are the monetary value sensitive and fulfill their basic comfortss as a penchant to beef up CSR characteristics. So that, the developers should be cognizant in pricing the houses for the different group of purchasers due to their affordability in measuring competitory monetary value in lodging market.


We agree that bulk of the housing-buyers are ever take the CSR characteristics as their chief consideration in their purchasing determination for the lodging. Due to the fluctuation of the economic status, we believe that most of the house-buyers will hold to do a proper budget planning before they are purchasing a house so that they may non confronting fiscal issue in the hereafter. Nowadays, the developers have the program of the eco-friendly to construct the houses. For the housing-buyers which are environment lover, they will back up the developers towards this program. For illustration, the characteristics of CSR are more green infinites, recreational Parkss and installations, security characteristics and good substructure. We besides agree that the house-buyers are seeking to buy the lower and fairness monetary value of houses based on their affordability due to the economic recession.

The article is well-discussed because the writers have stated the ranking of the factors that influence the house-purchasers ‘ determinations in a table signifier to demo which factors are to be more concern between the two focal point groups. As a consequence of the ranking, location, monetary value, CSR characteristics and undertaking environment were ranked higher than others, which means that these four factors are the most of import factors that impacting purchasers ‘ determination devising. The flush purchasers are stressing on the location while the less affluent purchaser will be more see the monetary value degree as monetary value medium.

However, the writers have done a batch of researches and give illustrations to demo and back up the thought of the outlooks of house-buyers that are related to the CSR. These researches have been done by the writers by separated into two parts such as positions on CSR and do purchasers back up socially responsible concern? Furthermore, the oldest research has been done by the writers are the research by Carroll ( 1979 ) . For illustration, the research has been found by the writers to back up their thoughts is Holmes ( 2002 ) specify the property-related CSR as chiefly connected to environmental sustainability every bit good as elements of ethical and societal duty.

On the other manus, the linguistic communication that usage by the writers have made us easy to understand. The writers does non utilize any specific footings such as brace scheduling, be aftering fire hook, and others when discoursing in this article. Besides, text construction is good organized by the writers by separated the article into four different parts. Every portion of the article is well-presented because writers have given a batch of illustration to back up their thought in composing this article. For illustration, CSR affect consumer-products responses and consumer-company designation ( Sen and Bhattacharya,2001 ) .

Furthermore, there are three types of tabular arraies have been shown as a sum-up for portion of the article by writers to back up their thought. The tabular array 1 shows the sum-up of six CSR elements in belongings which include environmental sustainability, safety of houses and environments, quality of the environment, societal comfortss, sound substructure, and quality merchandise. Following, the tabular array 2 explains CSR elements in belongings with relation of the past literature and findings house-buyers ‘ outlook. At last but non least, table 3 shows the comparing of graded factors act uponing purchase determinations. It discussed the importance factors that concern by the purchasers in purchasing determination for lodging.

Harmonizing to this article, the writers have non stated the jobs that faced by the developers about the lodging ‘s monetary value scene for the house-buyer. For illustration, it had been mentioned that the higher income earner of purchaser is willing to pay more for excess characteristics while the less flush purchaser is monetary value sensitive but they does non bespeak that what is the accurate monetary value degree will they willing to devour upon the CSR characteristics in their determination for purchasing house. Furthermore, the writers should be bespeaking more of the colourful images, pie chart, saloon chart, and graph to demo and explicate the information that collected from the research with relation to CSR and the instance survey can be done by aiming two different topographic points for comparing intent to acquire information more accurately.


As a decision, this is a good article. We will urge to others readers particularly developers because the article shows that house-buyers ‘ outlook are concern the CSR features that provided by developers. It is good to the developers. However, the analysis besides indicated that house-buyers ‘ outlook on CSR characteristics were influenced by income degree. The readers can use the information from the article in concern state of affairs because it has showed the factors impacting house-buyers ‘ decision-making on purchasing houses. Thus the readers could set up some policies in making socially responsible activities to fulfill house-buyers ‘ demands, enhance corporate repute and to remain fight in lodging industry. This research was discussed explicitly and inside informations by given such as practical instance survey to demo that the penchant of different group of people on the CSR characteristics. Therefore, this article can be use as mention in pricing merchandise exactly based on different purchaser groups by developers.


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