Contrast Of The Diary Of Maria Teresa Mirabal And Celie English Literature Essay

Maria Teresa Mirabal is the youngest of three sisters. She lives in the Dominic Republic in the clip of Trujillo ‘s absolutism. In her early life she surveies in the school Inmaculada Concepcion merely as her sisters had. She gets a journal as a present and writes her feelings when she is immature, and so when she is in the university she decides to take part in the revolution with her sisters, and she writes in her diary about broader more mature subjects. The usage of her diary alterations during the narrative.

Minerva Mirabal gives a diary to Mate as a present when she participates in the sacrament of first Communion. Minerva besides tells her that the journal will be utile in her life ; “ Minerva says maintaining a journal is besides a manner to reflect and contemplation deepens one ‘s psyche ”[ 2 ]. Nevertheless, she is 10 old ages old. What kinds of contemplations could a girl write in her early life?

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When she starts authorship, she does non demo us any contemplation. Mate merely writes about apparels and places ; “ I ‘ll acquire to have on my first Communion frock and places all over once more ”[ 3 ]“ I talked Mama into allowing me purchase another brace of places. ”[ 4 ]. She besides writes about her household, school, holidaies, parties, and so on. She demonstrates that she is merely a miss holding merriment. Meanwhile, there are several jobs in the state about the authorities ; she has non thought about what is traveling on, because of her artlessness.

Because of this artlessness, Maria Teresa thinks and writes that Rafael Leonidas Trujillo ‘s authorities is first-class ; “ aˆ¦ I am taking these few proceedingss to wish El Jefe Happy Benefactor ‘s twenty-four hours with all my bosom. I feel so lucky that we have him for a president ”[ 5 ]. At this clip this is a simple diary written by a normal miss who merely writes about her activities and makes an undistinguished confession ( she does non wish to be in the Inmaculada Concepcion ) . As we know, journals are personal and intimate objects in which people write to show their experiences, feelings, and so on, Mate knows this, but we can see that she has consciousness that she has readers. But her usage of it changes.

When she is immature the diary is to demo how she feels, but so when she is older, this diary will go of import, and her artlessness will melt off. The diary becomes something else, viz. , a papers to enter history.

She realizes that it could be unsafe to hold readers after her sister reads it “ aˆ¦ She says she had n’t meant to read my diary, but it was lying about, and she notices Hilda ‘s name ”[ 6 ]Mate writes about a miss named Hilda who participates in the revolution against Trujillo. She besides writes about the secret meetings at Don Horacio ‘s house where Minerva, Elsa, Lourdes and Sinita take part. Consequently, Maria Teresa buries her diary, because she realizes the effects if person from the authorities read it. This journal will non be an ordinary diary, and Mate will alter her head about its usage

Why does Maria Teresa continue composing if she knows that it is unsafe? There are three grounds: The first ground is that she has a new journal that Minerva brings her to assist her to acquire through her male parent ‘s dead. “ aˆ¦ I swore I ‘d ne’er maintain a journal once more after I had to bury mi small book ”[ 7 ]Although she does non desire to hold another journal, because it is hazardous to compose about the revolution, particularly since Minerva is involved in the motion, Mate is afraid that she and her sister could be killed by the authorities. But, Minerva gives her another 1 that is why Mate continues composing in it.

The 2nd ground Mate continues to compose is that her diary becomes a comrade “ I have been a catastrophe diary keeper. Last twelvemonth, merely one entry, and this twelvemonth is already half over and I have n’t jotted a individual word. I did hitchhike trough my old diary book, and I must state it does all look really silly with al journals dearsaˆ¦ But I think I will necessitate a comrade… Minerva graduates tomorrow ”[ 8 ]She demonstrates that she is accustomed with her sister, and her fright is the purdah.

The 3rd ground Maria Teresa decides to utilize the journal as a arm to contend against the authorities, because she decides to take part in the revolution, but subsequently the constabulary catches them. Mate continues composing in the gaol how cold the political relations captives are handling. “ I merely got the notebookaˆ¦ The fright is the worst portion. Every clip I hear footfalls coming down the hallaˆ¦ It feels good to compose things down. Like there will be a recordaˆ¦[ 9 ]“ .

The usage of the journal of the supporter in “ The Color Purple ” is both similar and different of Maria Teresa ‘s journal in the novel “ In The Time Of The Butterflies ”

Celie is a homodiegetic storyteller. She is a black adult female who suffers awfully in her life. She has a atrocious life, because she lives with her male parent who rapes her several times she has two kids by him, but he steals her them. Although she has a complicated life, she does her best to make new things that make her feel better ; for illustration she learned to read and compose, so she has a diary to show her feelings.

Even though there is non much difference between Celie and Maria Teresa ‘s age. Faraway to be more mature Celie is merely 14 old ages old when she has her first babe. She does non hold rights, and work forces are superior. But, she has faith, and she demonstrates this at the beginning of her journal.

“ You better non ne’er state cipher but God. I ‘d kill your mammy ”[ 10 ]We learn that God is the addressee of her journal. When we start to read the diary, we instantly realize that she has lost her artlessness, she has non a normal life like Mate has. Celie has already known about sex and difficult work. But why does Celie decides to hold a journal?

The chief ground for her have a journal is because she does non hold anybody to speak to about her feelings like Mate she needs a comrade. Celie ‘s comrade is God. And like Maria Teresa, the journal is used to allow off steam and to maintain religion. Mate ‘s religion is revolution, Celie ‘s is in God.

Mate receives her diary as a present, but so she does non desire it. In contrast Celie decides to hold a diary, because the effects of her life, she truly needs it to maintain her religion. At the beginning Mate merely has the journal for merriment. But Celie makes contemplations about her life. She is an experient miss, the difference is that in Maria Teresa ‘s diary she writes about school, friends, parties, holidaies, and so on, while Celie writes about how her hubby uses her as a object.

Celie is afraid of Mr._____ , because he does non like that Celie could read or compose. Nettie tries to learn Celie to read and compose. Therefore, the journal will assist Celie to be in touch with her sister, because in her diary she patterns composing, and she keeps her religion that she will run into her sister once more.

Mr._____ , hides Nettie ‘s letters from Africa, but when Celie finds them, she abandons her diary and she does non compose to god. “ Dear Nettie, when I told Shug I ‘m composing to you alternatively of to god, she laugh. Nettie does n’t cognize these people, she say. Sing who I ben composing excessively, this work stoppage me amusing ”[ 11 ]A alteration happens in Mate ‘s diary excessively.

When Maria Teresa writes in her diary about how her sister participates in the revolution, she realizes that the journal is something unsafe. So, she has to conceal her diary excessively. She is afraid of the authorities. However, Celie is afraid of her hubby. Equally shortly as Mate is in prison because her engagement against Trujillo, she and Minerva realize that the journal is truly of import for the revolution as a papers to show the horrid offenses of the absolutism.

Finally, Mate reflects like Celies does it but in her early life. The diary helps Celie to go forth her hubby. Although Mate is assassinated by the authorities her diary contributes to do free a state.

In both instances the journal is a arm. It is used to contend against masculine authorization. On the one manus, Maria Teresa Mirabal, at the beginning of the narrative, ne’er thinks about how of import the journal would be to contend against a malicious authorities. First, she is afraid of the danger the diary represents. When she gets involved in the revolution, she becomes in a brave adult female, and her diary becomes a deadly arm.

In gaol she is witting that her journal could do the alteration ; “ The Organization Of American States Peace Commited comes this Friday. Merely one captive from each marquee will be interviewedaˆ¦They picked me. aˆ¦It ‘s non the same please, Mate. You do n’t even hold to compose it up, she adds. We can merely rupture out the pages in your diary and set them in with our statement ”[ 12 ].

On the other manus Mr._____ prohibits Celie to read or compose, she is afraid of this because her hubby is a violent adult male. Celie knows that her journal is portion of her life, because it helps her to better in two ways.

In the first topographic point ; she is a submissive miss. So, the diary helps her to command her feelings, and she does non make things to perpetrate retaliation against her hubby, it besides helps her to do rebellion and to go forth Mr._____ and be free to run into Nettie once more, and cognize her kids. The diary represents her holding still some control in some portion of her life.

In the 2nd topographic point ; she demonstrates that she forgives her male parent: “ Dear, Nettie for the first clip in my life I wanted to see Pa. ”[ 13 ]This forgiveness farther shows that there she has control over her feelings.

In decision, the journals of these adult females are important as topographic points of self look and as arms. When they know the importance of their journals they risk their lives to go on authorship, because the journals will assist lend to making their dreams. There are differences in their state of affairss, because the topographic point, people, racism, authorities, clip, subjugation. But eventually Maria Teresa finishes composing until she died. Celie ‘s last entry is “ to God to thank him, the stars, the trees, the people together once more once more with Nettie and to cognize her kids ”[ 14 ]


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