Concept Of Social Marketing: An Indian Case Study

The aim of this paper is to understand the construct of societal selling, picking a societal issue in India, placing the mark section and the communicating aims, analyzing the societal selling techniques used for that issue and developing a storyboard for telecasting commercial based on the analysis. The societal issue that I have taken in this paper is smoking. The grounds for this are

At least one-third of the grownup population are addicted to smoke.

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Smoking non merely affects tobacco users but besides non tobacco users because of inactive smoke.

Around 4.5 million people die because of smoking each twelvemonth.

Social Selling

Social selling may be defined as the version of commercial selling and gross revenues constructs to convey certain specific behavioral alterations on the mark section. This has become progressively popular among authorities as an efficient and effectual agencies of communicating to turn to many serious societal issues. The distinguishing characteristic of societal selling from commercial selling is its aim of societal good whereas commercial selling dressed ores on financials like net income, market portion, etc. This technique has been used extensively in international wellness plans, particularly for distribution of preventives and unwritten rehydration therapy ( ORT ) . It is besides often used for conveying about alterations in socially important attitudes and behavior in such diverse countries as smoke, the usage of place belts in autos, drug maltreatment, bosom disease, and organ contribution. Social selling is globally recognised as a cardinal scheme for bettering entree to a broad scope of merchandises and services that straight and positively impact the outreach and coverage of wellness attention.

Planning of societal selling programme

Social selling applies commercial selling accomplishments and engineerings to the analysis, planning, executing and rating of plans designed to act upon behaviour alteration among mark audiences in order to convey about socially good wellness seeking behavior. Planing a Social Marketing Programme ( SMP ) requires keeping a consumer focal point by turn toing the different elements of the “ selling mix ” , which are more normally known as the “ five Ps ” : ( I ) a Merchandise, ( two ) its Price, ( three ) its Place ( or distribution ) , ( four ) its Promotion and ( V ) , the Partnership involved

Social Selling in India

India was one of the first states globally to follow the societal selling of preventives to widen the coverage and outreach of the so household be aftering programme. By the terminal of the 1960ss, commercial selling of rubbers was two decennaries old. By 1970s, private sector companies with extended distribution webs for consumer merchandises were invited to help authorities in bettering the range of their programmes. Government initiated monolithic advertisement and consciousness runs for societal issues like smoke, household planning, caste favoritism, etc. Non-Government Organisations ( NGOs ) besides began to take part in the societal selling programme, with support from Government as besides from other administrations

Social issues in India

Some of the societal issues that has been addressed by our authorities are consciousness about

Health and hygiene among lower income group

Family be aftering

Caste favoritism



Acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Child labor

Female infanticide

Marketing Techniques used by Government

Some of the advertizement techniques used by authorities to make the mark sections are

Ads in Television

The Government prepares advertizements for specific societal causes and relays it in telecastings, wireless, etc. The chief drawback of this is about 70 % of the people in small towns do n’t hold telecasting or wireless. Hence it can non be entirely used particularly if the mark section is lower income people or villagers.

Direct run

This is the most effectual manner of making consciousness. The authorities with aid from NGOs will direct officers straight to the topographic point to learn and make consciousness among the people. The officers will show how to utilize a merchandise or what are the sick effects of alcohol addiction, smoke, etc.

Print advertizement

The Government give print advertizements in local newspapers, straight issue booklets or paste postings in the vicinity.


SmokingA is a pattern in which a substance, most normally tobaccoA hemp, is burned and the smokeA tasted or inhaled. This is chiefly practised as aA path of administrationA forA recreational drug usage ; combustionA releases theA active substancesA in drugs such asA nicotineA and makes them available for soaking up through theA lungs. It can besides be done as a portion of rites, to bring on enchantments and religious enlightenment. The most common method of smoking today is throughA coffin nails, chiefly industrially manufactured but besides hand-rolled from loose baccy andA turn overing paper. Other smoke tools include pipes, A cigars, A narghile, A vaporizersA andA bongs. It has been suggested that smoking related disease kills one half of all long term tobacco users but these diseases may besides be contracted by non-smokers. A 2007 study provinces that about 4.9 million people worldwide each twelvemonth die as a consequence of smoke.

Some facts about smoke and baccy industry

The Food and Agricultural Organization has forecast an one-year growing rate in planetary baccy production and ingestion at around 1.9 % . The universe market for baccy merchandises grew by 32 % over the last five old ages. Global coffin nail ingestion has grown by 22 % since 1980 and was estimated at 5,422 billion sticks in 1995. Cigarettes constitute the chief signifier of baccy use in virtually every market of the universe and history for 85 % of planetary baccy ingestion by volume and 93 % by value

Cigarette Industry in India

India is the 2nd largest manufacturer of baccy in the universe after China. It produced 572 million kilogram of baccy in 2002-2003. Cigarettes, with merely 14 % of the Indian ingestion, history for more than 85 % of the entire gross from baccy merchandises.

Reasons for smoking

The common grounds for get downing the wont of smoke are

in order to socialize with the crowd

to demo maleness

influence from people you respect and admire like

Friends and relations

Favourite histrions and athletics stars

From films

Portrayals from coffin nail advertizement like demoing smoke is cool

To quiet your nervousnesss under force per unit area

To look sophisticated or cool

To asseverate your independency

As a mark of protest, rebellion or to withstand authorization

Harmful effects of Tobacco smoke

Cigarette smoke is a taking cause of decease in the United States. Cigarette tobacco users die an norm of 10 old ages earlier than non tobacco users. Tobacco is responsible for over half of the deceases from malignant neoplastic disease. The Surgeon General issued a study in 1964 stating that smoke was harmful.

In 1983, coffin nail smoke was ranked as the largest preventable cause of coronary bosom disease ( CHD ) . SmokingA one to five coffin nails a twenty-four hours increases bosom onslaught hazard by 40 % A compared with nonsmokers, and smoking one battalion per twenty-four hours quadruples the hazard. In 1984, coffin nail smoke was found to be the major cause of chronic clogging pulmonary diseases ( COPD ) , such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema, for both work forces and adult females. A 2004 study stated that coffin nail smoke causes diseases in about every organ of the organic structure, and that it is once and for all linked to leukemia, cataracts, pneumonia and malignant neoplastic diseases of the neck, kidney, pancreas and tummy. Unborn kids and non-smokers who breathe fume exhaled by tobacco users and firing baccy ( second-hand fume ) can besides go ill, and 1000s of smoking-related fires occur annually. Statisticss from the Center for Disease Control ( CDC ) show thatA smoke putting to deaths over 440,000 people per twelvemonth in the United States. [ 1 ] A For comparing, about 400,000 Americans died in World War II, 58,000 American soldiers died during the Vietnam war, and 2,800 people died when the World Trade Center towers collapsed after being hit by two hijacked aeroplanes on September 11, 2001. We mourn this great loss of life. A However, A every twelvemonth, the figure of deceases caused by smoke is over 157 times greater than the World Trade Center, 7.5 greater than Vietnam, and exceeds those of World War II, but queerly, this does non do any great indignation because we voluntarily inflict this on ourselves.

Analysis of the Anti smoke run

Government ‘s anti smoke run

Our authorities has taken batch of enterprises to eliminate smoke. They have shown advertizements about the sick effects of smoke in Television, created print ads and besides conducted direct candidacy in many small towns. Our authorities has banned baccy companies to publicize about smoke in telecasting, newspaper or wireless channels. Many province authoritiess banned smoking in public topographic points, banned films or seriess demoing people smoking.

. But in malice of all their attempts, smoke is turning at an dismaying rate particularly among adolescent pupils because of the exposure about smoke in movies, advertizements, etc.

The chief ground behind this is Government and Ngo ‘s anti smoke run focuses chiefly on lung malignant neoplastic disease caused because of smoke. The subject of most of their ads is smoking causes malignant neoplastic disease. But apart from that they failed to supply any concrete grounds for halting smoke.

Cigarettes have nicotine in them which creates an dependence and cause jitteriness, giddiness if a concatenation tobacco user stops smoking. Our Government is non providing solutions for these side effects. In western states, they create awareness about nicotine spots which is available as a patch and if a individual paste that in their tegument, the nicotine will make the encephalon and therefore cut downing jitteriness, giddiness, etc

Another ground for the failure is they are utilizing the same methods or advertizements for different mark sections. Since each section is wholly different from others, we need a different communicating scheme and methodological analysiss. Particularly adolescent people do n’t care about their wellness and hence focusing on malignant neoplastic disease jobs maynot work for them. The lone thing that could impact them is embarrassment in forepart of their friends

Target section

More than 25 % of the people of India are either smoke or masticating baccy leaves. This can be loosely classified into three classs

1. In-between age work forces

2. Teenage people who start smoke and

3. Village people who are used to masticating baccy.

Recently a 4th class i.e working in-between age adult females is emerging. But since it is really little, and besides they have the same outlook as in-between age work forces, we can pretermit that class.

Our selling scheme should see all the three sections while developing an advertizement. Since these three sections are wholly different from each other in behavior, attitude, perceptual experience, etc, we can non develop a common advertizement to make consciousness about smoke which would work for all three sections. Hence the authorities should develop different communicating aims and schemes for different mark sgment.

Communication aims for each mark section

Middle age work forces

This section has more personal duties than the other 2 sections since they have married woman, kids, etc. Hence the best scheme is to make consciousness about the harmful effects of smoke. These people smoke because they are already addicted to smoking and they could non halt themselves from smoking.

The best communicating strategies the authorities could utilize for them are

Increase consciousness

The most of import communicating aim for this group is to make consciousness about the harmful effects of smoke among people. They should emphasize the fact that smoking causes lung malignant neoplastic disease and other fatal effects. They can besides demo the battles of the households without them. Presently, the authorities is making this by televising advertizements, direct candidacy and print media. Telecasting advertizements are likely the best scheme for this mark section.

Induce test

In order to assist them in acquiring over their dependence, the authorities should besides publicize approximately nicotine spot which will cut down the jitteriness and restlessness caused by discontinuing smoking. They should better the distribution channel and besides should supply price reduction for nicotine spots.

Village people who chew baccy

For these people direct candidacy is the most effectual manner. The authorities along with some NGOs can travel to small towns and make consciousness about baccy mastication.

In small towns, there would be some leaders for each group. If the NGOs convinced them about the harmful consequence, so they could easy do other people in the group to discontinue baccy. This technique called diffusion will cut down the cost well.

Teenage people

This mark section does n’t hold any duties and hence they do n’t care about their wellness. They start smoking because they think it is cool and one of the easiest ways to socialize with others. They watch films, athleticss and idolises the film stars and athletics stars. Most of the films show the hero smoke during force per unit area times or happy times. Heroines would fall in love with the hero after seeing the hero smoke in a fashionable manner. Besides most of the athletics stars fume and it is shown in telecasting. After seeing all these things, the teenage people would come to a decision that smoke is truly cool and in order to be in a group or to acquire a miss friend one has to smoke. They would besides be influenced by the people they like male parent, brother, etc. We can explicate this utilizing ABC theoretical account of Properties

ABC theoretical account for teenage people

Initially after watching all those film stars and athletics stars, they develop an attitude towards the merchandise, i.e. they feel that it would be cool to smoke. The attitude towards the object is relative to the exposure they get i.e. figure of people they saw smoke and enjoying.

After developing an attitude towards coffin nails, they will purchase it and get down smoke. They learn how to smoke and eventually, they form an sentiment based on the use. Then they try to larn more about the different coffin nail trade names and different manner of smoke. If they get addicted to the object, this phase will be drawn-out i.e. they try different ways to acquire high. This will take to utilizing drugs, intoxicant, etc. Ultimately, they will go drug nuts.

Actions to be taken

The normal authorities advertizements demoing smoke as a cause of lung malignant neoplastic disease will non work with the adolescents. Since they are non concerned about their wellness and seek to populate in the minute. They will take any hazard to acquire into a group or to socialize with others. They think doing friends is more of import than their wellness. In order to alter their attitude, the authorities could take the undermentioned actions

The first thing the authorities should make is to censor demoing smoking scenes in films, telecasting or intelligence documents, etc. This will assist in changing the perceptual experience of immature people. Some of the province authorities already banned smoking in public, demoing smoke in films, etc. For illustration Tamil Nadu authorities banned smoking 5 old ages ago and because of that Tamil super star like Rajnikant stopped smoking in the screen. This will travel a long manner in altering the perceptual experience of the adolescents. Besides authorities can utilize these stars for their anti smoke runs.

The 2nd and most of import thing is the communicating aims. The communicating aims should be different for adolescents from the traditional candidacy

Communication aims for adolescents

Increase consciousness

Since the adolescents do n’t care about their wellness, the authorities should seek

a different angle. The thing that adolescents do n’t wish is acquiring embarrassed in forepart of friends, girlfriends and parents. Hence, the authorities could make consciousness about harmful consequence which would abash the adolescents. For illustration, they can pass on that Smoking causes powerlessness to boys and female sterility among misss. This will hold an impact on the adolescents since they do n’t desire to be embarrassed in forepart of other.

Change Perception

Using the above method, the authorities can alter the perceptual experience of the adolescents about smoke. This will do them gain that smoke is non that cool. As already mentioned above, if the authorities prohibition people from smoking in public or in films, etc, perceptual experiences can be changed.

Induce test

This communicating aim is for adolescents who are already addicted to smoking. Here, the authorities should bring on them to utilize nicotine spot in order to do them discontinue smoke. Since these people would be unemployed, the authorities should initiatives like selling them in price reduction or giving it for free particularly for school and college people.

Using the above analysis, I have come up with a storyboard for anti smoke run for teenage people. This is specifically for male childs. For goilrs we can alter the issue from powerlessness to female sterility. Thee Southern Cross of the advertizement is that effects like powerlessness will hold a immense impact in people ‘s life. In fact in many instances it has lead to suicide. If we stress these issues utilizing advertizements, there is a good opportunity that we could eliminate smoing.


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