Colonization of Brazil Essay

In 1549. the Captaincy Colonies of Brazil were united into the Governorate General of Brazil. where they were provincial captainships of Brazil ; Luis Teixeira. 1574. Chief article: Colonial Brazil Explorer Pedro Alvares Cabral landed on April 22. 1500 in what is today Porto Seguro. Brazil. Permanent habitation did non get down until Sao Vicente was founded in 1532. although impermanent trading stations were established earlier to roll up brazilwood. used as a dye. From 1534 to 1536. 15 Captainship settlements were created in Portuguese America. The captainships were independent. and largely private. settlements of the Portuguese Empire. each owned and run by a Captain-major. In 1549. due to their failure and limited success. the Captaincy Colonies of Brazil were united into the Governorate General of Brazil. The captainship settlements were reorganized as provincial territories to the Governorate.

The captainships continued to be ruled by their familial captain-majors but they now reported to the Governor-General of Brazil. The new system was implemented so that Portuguese America could be managed right and supply a steady and affluent income for the Portuguese Empire. The capital of the new governorate established its capital at Sao Salvador and the first Jesuits arrived the same twelvemonth. With lasting colony came the constitution of the sugar cane industry and its intensive labour demands which were met with Native and subsequently African slaves. From 1565 through 1567. Mem de Sa . the 3rd Governor General of Brazil. successfully destroyed a 10 year-old Gallic settlement called France Antarctique. at Guanabara Bay.

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He and his nephew. Estacio de Sa . so founded the metropolis of Rio de Janeiro on March 1567. In 1621. Philip II of Portugal divided the Governorate General of Brazil into two separate and independent settlements. the State of Maranhao and the State of Brazil. Sing this period it is preferred to mention to “Portuguese America” instead than “Portuguese Brazil” or “Colonial Brazil” . as the provinces were two separate settlements. each with their ain governor general and authorities. Between 1630 and 1654. the Netherlands came to command portion of Brazil’s Northeast part. with their capital in Recife.

The Portuguese won a important triumph in the Second Battle of Guararapes in 1649. By 1654. the Netherlands had surrendered and returned control of all Brazilian land to the Portuguese. In 1751. the State of Maranhao was restructured into State of Grao-Para and Maranhao. with a new capital and authorities. In 1772. the State of Grao-Para and Maranhao was split into two new provinces. the State of Grao-Para and Rio Negro and the State of Maranhao and Piaui .

The new provinces would fair ill and merely last 3 old ages. In 1775. the three settlements of Portuguese America ( the State of Brazil. the State of Maranhao and Piaui . and the State of Grao-Para and Rio Negro ) were united into a remarkable settlement. under the State of Brazil. This agreement would last until the terminal of Colonial Brazil. As a consequence. Brazil did non divide into several states. every bit happened to its Spanish-speaking neighbours.


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