Clinical Education Learning In A Professional Context Education Essay

I delivered a instruction session to foundation physicians in developing about safe and effectual usage of insulin in hospitalised patients. This was an synergistic session for junior physicians in preparation. The purpose of the session was to reexamine the grounds of how and why insulin mistakes occur in infirmary and to discourse schemes to guarantee safe and effectual insulin usage in infirmary. The session started with a existent instance of insulin mistake taking to a patient decease. I so reviewed how and why insulin mistakes tend to happen in infirmary, and the graduated table of the job, by inquiring pupils to discourse these in little groups, and besides to feedback on a existent instance survey which involved a fatal insulin mistake. I so asked them to propose ways of understating hazards when ordering and administrating insulin. The session involved a figure of different learning techniques and the pupils interacted enthusiastically in multiple little group undertakings. I have used brooding larning utilizing a existent life instance to do larning more meaningful to pupils and to trip their old and bing cognition and experience. This was followed by concluding quiz which involved inquiring the pupils to descry the mistakes in insulin prescription chart which in bend made the session existent to pupils. The larning result of the session was to recognize how and why insulin mistakes occur in infirmary, to name the common mistakes in insulin disposal and ordering and to give illustrations of rules to understate the hazards of insulin mistakes. The lesson program is attached at the appendix for farther inside informations.

II. Identify and depict a acquisition theory which is applicable to the instance:

The acquisition theory which is applicable to this instance and will be discussed is the experiential acquisition rhythm theory. In this instruction session the pupils had to reflect and reexamine how bad pattern of insulin prescription can take to a fatal and risky result. It so proceeded to construe why they thought insulin mistakes occur in infirmary. The pupils were divided into little groups to be after and come up with thoughts and practical applications to minimise these mistakes. Finally utilizing their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours pattern of make fulling and finishing a drug prescription chart they were asked to descry the mistakes in the bad illustrations written in the charts.

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Piaget described the traveling force for cognitive development in grownup acquisition as larning from experience. He described larning as dialectical relationship between adjustment and assimilation. Forming new thoughts and being able to suit and accommodate internally to it is accommodation, while absorbing events and integrating it into old experiences is called assimilation. Both of these procedures can be go oning at the same clip and organize the footing of cognitive development ab initio described by Piaget and farther adopted in Kolb ‘s rhythm of experiential acquisition ( Piaget 1970 ) .

Further to Lewin, Dewey and Piaget ‘s work on the theoretical account of larning and cognitive development, Kolb described a theoretical account of experiential acquisition as a procedure which is continuously modified by the scholar ‘s experience instead than a fixed series of result, thoughts and constructs ( Tusting and Barton 2006 ) . This has been represented with what is known as Kolb ‘ rhythm:

Review ( Reflect )

Theorise ( Interpret )

Apply ( Plan )

Do ( Practice )

Kolb ‘s theory consists of a 4 phase rhythm and includes acquisition by direct practical experience which is called the concrete experience. It involves making or holding an experience. This is followed by the reappraisal and contemplation on this new experience. This measure involves critical contemplation on the experience and what it really means to the scholar. This is so followed by abstract conceptualization or the ability to construe and happen the theories to back up and endorse up this new experience. Following on from the old measure of contemplation on the experience the scholar is so asked to speculate and construe the literature. This allows the scholar to come up with decisions, by larning from the experience, of how to make things otherwise following clip. Following on from the decisions drawn from the abstract conceptualisation phase the scholar so plans alterations and tries what he or she has learned from the experience. At this phase of the rhythm the scholar actively trials and practically applies in action the new experience and this is referred to as active experimentation ( Kolb 1984 ) . The scholar can besides build ways to modify the new experience and the rhythm can get down once more when these alterations are implemented to make a new concrete experience. In drumhead the procedure starts with making or holding the concrete experience, followed by reflecting on the experience so reasoning or larning from the experience and eventually planning, proving and experimenting what was learned from the experience and hence bring forthing another concrete experience.

More than one rhythm with different amplitude can be go oning at the same clip or at different times. In general Kolb ‘s acquisition theory is drawn from the 4 different larning manners described in the diagram above ( Tusting and Barton 2006 ) .

III. The strengths and failing of the theory:

The strength of this theory is the ability to explicate how you can turn experience into larning. This is chiefly achieved through critical reflective acquisition which is considered to be an of import phase in Kolb ‘s rhythm of existent life job work outing ( Boud 1985 ) . It besides fits in good with pupils ‘ different acquisition manners and their ability to accommodate and happening the right balance between the different phases of the rhythm. ( Tusting and Barton 2006 ) .

One of the booby traps of looking at different phases and descriptions of the experiential acquisition theory is the manner this is presented which tends to be an over simplification of the theory. Miettinen compared Kolb ‘s rhythm to Dewey ‘s theoretical account and criticized the simplified reading of the rhythm and algorithmic attack of Kolb ‘s Cycle. He pointed out that contemplation can easy be lost and besides be aftering and/or application are normally given less clip if we look at it as a simple circle. He besides challenged the fact that we should n’t concentrate on larning manners of the scholars but instead dressed ore on developing integrated acquisition manners ( Miettinen 2000 ) .

Another deficit of the experiential acquisition theory is the fact that it does n’t take into history the scholar ‘s development i.e. the context of who are the scholars, are non mentioned. However, there is grounds that Kolb ‘s rhythm can be viewed as spiral instead than a true circle and by making so the development of the new experience can be included ( Kolb 1984 ) .

IV. Why the theory fits into the instance:

Having a existent life experience and being able to reflect on that experience, whether that was a good or a bad experience, play a critical function in the procedure of grownup acquisition. As each scholar has a distinguishable pre-existing cognition and experience, it is of import to develop and build on this. Dewey described brooding thought as a real-world job resolution and in the instance of this learning experience, holding a fatal insulin mistake instance from existent life which can go on to anyone involved in prescription and disposal of insulin, if non equipped with the needed competence and using the right safety steps, will take to inauspicious result. The procedure of brooding believing utilizing such an illustration has a great impact on acquisition ( Dewey 1933 ) . Lewin besides described the feedback procedure utilizing a job work outing illustration to measure divergence from the desired result and so measuring its effects, this instance can exemplify this theory really elegantly as acquisition is a procedure which is continuously modified by experience ( Tusting and Barton 2006 ) .

The concrete experience in this instruction session is the decease of a patient who received the incorrect dosage of insulin. The pupils so reexamine and reflect on the existent fatal instance of insulin mistake. This is done through reading the piece of paper provided to them detailing the instance and the fortunes which lead to the tragic effects ( reappraisal and reflect ) . In this phase of the rhythm the pupils analyse the events which lead to the human death and besides through treatment with equals they reflect on the experience and what it means for them at a personal degree and if that was their patient or they were involved in that peculiar or similar incident in their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours pattern. After they had the opportunity to reflect on the instance and working in their little groups they interpret the events which lead to the human death and absorb the abstract constructs, utilizing the pen and white board to name from the instance and their experience illustrations of common insulin mistakes ( speculate and construe ) . This allows them to come up with decisions about current patterns and ways to be after alterations following clip. Following on from the decisions they formed in the old phase they so have to come up with action programs in footings of rules they will actively use and experiment in pattern to cut down insulin mistakes ( use and program ) . They eventually have the new concrete experience which is practically descrying the mistakes in the prefilled insulin prescription charts ( make and pattern ) . This could be considered as a new concrete experience following on from seeking out what they have learned from the initial experience ( the fatal instance ) . That is to state the rhythm starts once more undermentioned execution of alterations from the old rhythm.

The pupils go through the rhythm many times as they have different undertakings to reexamine, construe and use rules. However some of these rhythms are non complete and I am be aftering to turn to these in the future Sessionss. One of the losing phases of the rhythm is the do portion or the pattern phase following on from puting up action programs as in this instance they have the charts already filled in. In an effort to guarantee that the rhythm will be completed and all phases followed, I am be aftering to include a undertaking where pupils are required to make full the insulin charts themselves.

V. How the theory give penetration into the instance:

The pupils have to come up with suggestions of why insulin mistake occurs in pattern and ways of get the better ofing bad patterns. They besides looked into the root of the job taking to this including appropriate undergraduate preparation and besides associating this to medical schools ( back to rudimentss ) reviewing the course of study and whether it should be competence based. They tried to come up with suggestions and thoughts and collate facts to lucubrate and happen the principle for the state of affairs. They eventually should hold tested the hypothesis they presented and its consequence on the action plans they came up with and whether it lead to concluding declaration of the job or the state of affairs. This can be clearly described in this instance as developing the competence in safe and effectual drug prescription which non merely helps the physician to execute necessary twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours on-the-job demands but besides have an impact on the safe and healthy society he or she belongs to and serves.

The new concrete experience ( the quiz ) in this instance can be criticized, as the pupils do n’t really make full in the prescription chart or physically execute the undertakings but are descrying the mistakes of person else. Besides the concrete experience should non be portion of the appraisal and the quiz in this instance can arguably be considered as a signifier of informal appraisal to look into pupils ‘ apprehension of the session ( Merriam and Caffarella 1998 ) . However, when I originally planned my instruction session and put up the larning result of the session the intent of the quiz was non placed as an assessment tool although it was at the terminal of the session. I believe it should be the new concrete experience in the experiential acquisition rhythm as it is all about how scholars do really larn and if I go back to the larning results of the session, it is about insulin prescription safety. They need to be larning safe prescription so the insulin chart quiz here forms a concrete experience. The fact that the scholar must actively ‘do ‘ something and observation is non a concrete experience can be debated particularly in the context of this instance.

VI. Personal contemplation on the instance:

In drumhead acquisition in this instance occurred in a context which is of relevancy to the pupils and is really near to world. Furthermore, the interactions of the critical contemplation of a life and decease state of affairs, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation made the application of the theory in this instance really attractive. However it was disputing at times seeking to associate the 4 phase rhythm to this instance as there were excessively many rhythms which stem in and out of the instance.


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