Chorus In Medea And Antigone English Literature Essay

“ Medea ” is about a calamity of a adult female who feels that her hubby has betrayed her with another adult female and the green-eyed monster that consumes her. She is the supporter who arouses understanding and esteem because of how her despairing state of affairs is. “ Antigone ” is about a miss who is contending back for her brother against the male monarch. In this narrative Antigone has two brothers and bothe killed ezch other in the war, one was given the proper funeral and that was non given to another brother. So here the Antigone battles for her brother.

In both the narratives chorus dramas really of import function. Grecian calamity implies that chorus is consisted of group of 8 to 10 members. Chorus plays the function of decease courier, they dance and sing and the chief function is to notice throughout the drama on every character. The chorus introduces every action and character. They perform the wing actions. Without the chorus both the dramas would n’t hold been interested as they create the suspense. Besides they easy they change their head after listening to others negotiations but they think in a positive mode. They ever tries to back up the right individual and they ever give positive ideas to all the characters. Chorus is like a storyteller in both the drama.

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The Chorus is an of import portion of Euripedes ‘ Medea. In this drama, it follows the journey Medea makes, and non merely narrates, but commentates on what is go oning. Euripedes uses the Chorus as a literary device to raise certain issues, and to act upon where the understandings of the audience prevarication. In the drama Antigone the chorus was non merely a major portion, but besides the most insightful part of this drama ‘s cast.A The members of the chorus Tell Creon and the audience really of import truths about themselves.A Throughout the playthe chorus remarks on Creon ‘s actions, and gives us all indifferent positions on our hypocritical species.

In the drama “ Antigone ” we see that the chorus has the male members while in the drama “ Medea ” the chorus consists of female component. In the drama “ Antigone ” the chorus is Godfearing, loyal and political minded so they are loyal to Creon, “ There are many unusual and fantastic things, but nil more queerly than adult male ” here besides the Chorus the power of adult male and they mean to state that nil is dominant than adult male. In the drama “ Medea ” the Chorus has feminist thoughts so they can understand the hurting of Medea and therefore they support Medea. “ Flow backward to your beginnings, sacred rivers, And allow the universe ‘s great order be reversed. It is ideas of work forces that are fallacious ” here the chorus mean to state that work forces has the dishonest ideas and they support the Medea.

“ O God and Earth and Heaven! Did u hear what a call was that Which the sad married woman sings? ” this is the intial phase of chorus in “ Medea ” and here the chorus is comforting and sympathizing Medea, here the chorus supports the Medea. “ The adult male swinged down, torch still in manus, and smashed into unyielding earth-the 1 who non so long attacked ” here the chorus describes the defat of their enemies, this build up their strength and this shows that they were powerful. In “ Antigone ” the chorus in his initial duologues describes all about their power and triumph and besides they describe that after the war they had started with new life. “ You are in the right, Medea, in paying your hubby back ” here the chorus supports Medea as chorus can understand the state of affairs through which Medea is go throughing and after listening the Medea ‘s program chorus thinks that she is on right path. Till the phase Medea was successful in pull stringsing the Chorus because she is a alien but so excessively she manages to take Chorus on her side. “ Since you have shared the cognition of our program with us, I both wish to assist you and back up the normal ways of world, and state you non to make this thing ” at this phase Medea tells about her program, Chorus tell her that non travel through this program because no 1 can bear the hurting of killing the ain kids and besides chorus state her that this act is against the ways of world, after this phase Chorus dint support Medea but chorus was non able to state her anything, this shows the inventiveness of Medea. In the drama “ Antigone ” the same advice was given to creon by chorus but he dint listen and atlast he suffered.

“ Will she come into our presence? Will she listen when we are talking To the words we say? I wish she might loosen up her fury and pique of the bosom ” here the chorus is seeking to assist Medea in quieting down her choler and they support the Medea because they can understand the hurting of Medea through which she is go throughing, in the farther address of Chorus they tell the nurse to convey the Medea so that they can speak to her and they can propose the Medea in right mode.

In drama “ Antigone ” and the drama “ Medea ” the chorus had few functions and they are to explicate the action, to construe the action in relation to the jurisprudence of the province, to bode the hereafter, to function as an histrion in the drama, to show the writer ‘s views.A In some ways, the chorus is like the storyteller of a modern movie or like the background music attach toing the action of the movie. In add-on, it is like text on the movie screen that provides background information or identifies the clip and topographic point of the action.

“ Often before I have gone through more elusive grounds, and have come upon oppugning greater than a adult female should endeavor to seek out. But we excessively have Goddess to assist us and attach to us into wisdom ” here the chorus speaks a really feminist address and this address was spoken before the chorus killed her kids. Initially when the Medea decides to kill her kids at that clip Chorus oppose it. In this address chorus says that one does n’t cognize how her kids will turn out when they will turn and chorus besides say that adult females ‘s life is wasted because when the kids are little we toil for them and we bring them up good, but when the kids grow up they may disregard their parents from their life. Here the Medea is successful in pull stringsing the chorus, this shows the intelligence of Medea. “ Yes, my Godhead, every bit fast as possible Swift footed hurts sent from the Gods drudge down those who act imprudently ” here the Chorus explain the Creon that whatever he had done is incorrect and chorus Tells him that now he has the last chance to salvage his household, Creon fails in salvaging his household as he had committed many wickednesss in yesteryear. Here besides chorus manipulates through Antigone as ab initio chorus was back uping Creon but in the flood tide chorus oppose the Creon.

A A Through the chorus Creon begins to see that he is incorrect and God is superior to himself, but it takes a batch to agitate his belief that a perfect society is run by an grim rule.A This drama besides teaches us a batch about worlds in general, that the they are n’t interested in anything but the fulfilment of their ain demands, and that they refuse to see that something may be more powerful than themselves.A This disclosure is the major subject of the drama and is really of import in Creon ‘s growing as a individual. “ It ‘s clear plenty the spirit in this miss is passionate- her male parent was the same. She has no sense of via media in times of problem ” here the chorus oppose the Antigone as she is against Creon and chorus as a political minded helps the their male monarch and they believe that traveling against the male monarch is illegal. They say that she is like her male parent who do n’t cognize how to manage rough state of affairs.


A A A A This drama could n’t hold existed without a chorus, these vocalists give excessively much to the construction of the drama, without them Creon would ne’er hold changed as a individual and the drama would hold been much more equivocal as to the relationship of Creon ‘s jobs to our own.A With the aid of the chorus Creon learns that he is merely a frail being in a universe much greater than his ain pathetic kingdom.A Because of this he becomes much more god-minded, and sees his topographic point in the strategy of things.A This drama is about trueness to a much greater

power, and with the aid of the chorus he sees the power he must follow.



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