Cc Assignment 3

Problem 8-13 Which BPM software would you select and why? Identify the vendor, the name of the software package, and several of the features that you thought would be most beneficial to your company. The BPM software I would select is the Interfacing Technologies’ Enterprise Process Center™ (EPC) software because it would provide me with more than the ability to manage compliance initiatives. The manufacturer/vendor of Enterprise Process Center software is Interfacing Technologies Enterprise.

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The following features will be most beneficial to my company: “creating transparency, ensuring compliance to laws and regulations, ensuring the reliability of financial reporting and readiness for audits, ensuring all control points are clear and visible to all business partners, and improving the overall operational efficiency of your organization. ” http://www. interfacing. com/ComplianceSOX-ISO-BASEL-Six-Sigma-Risk/sarbanes-oxley Case Analysis 8-16 Explain how an AIS could help HMC optimize management and control. Accounting Information Systems offers several benefits that could help HMC and other companies.

An Accounting Information System could provide HMC with accurate inventory valuation of all their inventories on hand; this includes all raw materials used to make the product, all work in process inventories and all finish goods ready for sale/use. An Accounting Information System could also help HMC determine the maximum efficiency production amounts. In HMC case it would consist of direct labor, material and manufacturing overhead cost. Accounting Information Systems could also help HMC make future decisions in regards to the company’s needs; this will include short term goals and decisions as well as long term decisions.

This will be beneficial to HMC when they are creating their budgets. What data elements should HMC include in the new AIS to describe each inventory item? The data elements that HMC should include in the new AIS to describe each inventory item are as follows: Parts, Bills-of-materials, Inventory, Procurements, and Process-plans ? “Parts provide elements for part specifications, group technology codes, customers, suppliers, as well as links to bills of materials, process plans, drawings, part models, and other references. ” ? Bills-of-materials cross-reference the parts and quantities required in a hierarchical bill-of-materials structure. ” ? “Inventory identifies the instances and locations for parts, materials, tools, and fixtures inventory. ” ? “Procurements identify the external purchases that have been created to satisfy the part inventory and manufacturing requirements. ” ? “Process-plans specify a set of process plans that are associated with production and support activities for a particular part or parts. A process plan has routing sheets and operation sheets that correspond to the job and task level in the work hierarchy. ” citeseerx. ist. psu. edu


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