Book Review Of The Wings Of Fire English Literature Essay

This book offers an of import lesson of happening success from failures of Indian infinite and projectile infrastructural plans. A good presentation of the function of other celebrated scientists modeling our state ‘s hereafter. This book is full of information and is a recommended pick for every pupil, because this book has the influence and power to actuate a individual to stand out in life. “ Wingss of Fire ” is a alone theoretical account of carry throughing one ‘s ends, while carry throughing the promise to its state.

As I read through this book I felt the same humbleness that Mr.Kalam felt when he was engaged into the plan. A friend recommended me this book and I am glad that he did.

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This book is an life of India ‘s president Abdul Kalam which has been co-authored with celebrated Arun Tiwari, who one time had worked with Kalam in the field of military defence research. As from the book itself, “ this is the narrative of Kalam who flourished from darkness into the bright sunshine, his personal and professional attempt. . . . . . . This is besides the narration of independent India ‘s battle for technological ego adequateness & A ; sovereignty in defence systems – a narrative as much sing political relations, as it is sing scientific discipline. ”

The narrative tells us about Kalam ‘s rise from a low lower-middle category household & A ; his narration of India ‘s attempts in rocketry & A ; infinite engineering. Segregated into four subdivisions, the book bit by bit reaches for the stars – Orientation, Creation, Propitiation & A ; Contemplation. As a testimonial to his female parent and male parent, the book is dedicated to his parents.

The first section relates to the early life of Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Kalam. His remembrances of the early yearss are really implicative of good old Magudi set up. He remembers his parents, relations and instructors his most influential characters in the book. Adding colour to the subdivision are images of that clip. This section covers all his early acquisition and travels.

The following section is related to Kalam ‘s farther instruction and work experience and his engagement with undertakings of military defence and infinite, chiefly the SLV3. This portion has many scientific inside informations and is an debut to defence and infinite research organisations. Kalam is an ‘aam aadmi ‘ at bosom, this is shown in the book in many of his narrations through his interaction with even the undistinguished people in the hierarchy like Dr Brahm prakash, Prof Satish Dhawan and Prof Vikram Sarabhai.

The 3rd section covers the old ages from 80-91 when Kalam is posted from ISRO to military defence labs. Filled with many images, this subdivision excessively keeps us entertained. And to conceive of he worked largely in authorities establishments where bureaucratism and ruddy tapes are the order of the twenty-four hours.

We have all heard of SLV3, PSLV, Akaash, Naga, Agni, Trishul in the intelligence and these technological accomplishments marks the success of what is now, one of the strongest and determined aeronautical and infinite organisation of India.

The last section is connected with the ulterior old ages where Kalam is bestowed upon with series of awards, his idea and his visions for a proud India. It is about impossible non to be inspired by the life of Mr.Kalam. This section along with the decision besides references of Kalams dream for the twelvemonth 2020.

The book itself is written in simple English and it seems as if the writer is talking out to the reader straight. One must read this for the undermentioned grounds – India ‘s greatest scientist Abdul Kalam ‘s narrative, military and defence research, missile engineering, India ‘s critical infinite plans and general cognition. Throughout the book there are ethical motives that are for the training intents for everyone, even for the decision makers. Abdul Kalam tells us how the finest of people can be brought out. Abdul Kalam is referred to as ‘spiritual scientist ‘ , his visions and parts to his state.

As a immature adult male, Abdul Kalam was speculative and acute to larn more and more about scientific discipline. Kalam ‘s wise mans persuaded him to chew over onto the great chance into infinite scientific discipline and by accomplishing this India will go self-sufficing in aeronautical and projectile scientific discipline. He was the first 1 with a vision that India has great possible in its infinite and orbiter development of launch vehicles. SLV ‘s provide as the foundation for a scope of state-of-the-art missile engineering in India ‘s military.

From an American point of view, ‘when everyone is shouting bloody slaying and arm proliferation, Abdul Kalam ‘s memories of France ‘s taking off of support and bogus accusals of German aid function as a dismaying reminder that embargoing a state merely can non work if the state ‘s public is strong plenty to command their ain fate. It ‘s worrying that there is small argument on the moralss of an destitute state developing atomic arms and deploying bringing systems. . . .But that ‘s about wholly lost in the statement of autonomy, a finding to ne’er once more surrender to foreign rule. ‘

Abdul Kalam, an optimist, made helped India go self sufficient in its infinite and projectile engineering. The book besides inspires the young person of India populating nationally and internationally that they appreciate the one wonder achieved by their states hero, Abdul Kalam and strive themselves to go strong in every country of their profession and do India prosper for infinity.

Abdul Kalam, the adult male with many names. He is most sure adult male in India harmonizing to study, He is besides known as ‘the missile adult male ‘ of India. Abdul Kalam will be cherished long after he is gone, the adult male whom India loves.

The book is a journey into Abdul Kalams life ; the book nevertheless does non cover his presidential term yearss that were published before he became the president of India. Abdul Kalam stayed in ‘Ramesh Varam ‘ which is celebrated for its ‘Shiv ‘ temple. The celebrated temple was few kilometres journey from Abdul Kalam ‘s place, a Muslim dominated country.

Abdul Kalam usage to sell newspapers to assist his brother, was good friend of the priest of the temple and his male parent was respectable adult male whom people used to turn for advice. Abdul Kalam writes about his school yearss, his brother in jurisprudence ‘s influence on him and his instructors in the initial chapters. He besides writes about his fiscal challenges he faced during the clip he was into instruction.

The ulterior chapters are some of Vikram Sarabhai ‘s huge part in constitution of infinite research centre and opening up new pess ‘s for approaching scientists. Abdul kalam ‘s attempts in association with other scientist would do ordinary Indian understand the ardor, the attempt of human psyche in doing India, a good well-thought-of state in infinite scientific discipline.

As a wise man of Abdul Kalam, Vikram Sarabhai had adept direction accomplishments and squad edifice accomplishments with which he groomed Abdul Kalam into going a scientist to retrieve for old ages to come.

In one of his meeting with Vikram Sarabhai at 3 a.m, Abdul Kalam worked hours at stretch with his co-worker for presentation to defence curate and he forgets an of import personal event to go to to, this shows Kalams finding for his work and his state to win.

ISRO, prithvi, Agni, scold, trishul are some of the accomplishments which every Indian is proud of. It was a minute to care for when India made its first journey to the Moon and along with this journey to success was Abdul Kalams belief that nil can halt India from making the stars and he surely proved himself as one of the stars.

Sing that this book comes from a scientist, this book does hold small scientific narrative. SLV, Geo orbiter, composite stuff, mechanical technology and such things. The journey itself ever has proficient mistakes particularly when it ‘s scientific in nature. Abdul Kalam, like the adult male himself forced his will to victory over failures, frights and letdowns.

At the nucleus, the book is about the great Indian dream. A wish that all the establishing male parents of a state have, a want fulfilled by Abdul Kalam.

A state which is divided by faith and caste. A state which has a corrupt political system and where money regulations, Abdul Kalam still made 1000000s of citizens of India a proud state. Aftermath


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