Book Report About Watership Down English Literature Essay

The book I choose to read for my autumn semester book study was Watership Down by Richard Adams. I decided on this book because I had heard about it before and had the feeling that it was a authoritative and interesting book to read. The other ground for taking this book was because I had already read many of the books on the book list and I wanted to read something new.

In chapters 1-5 of Watership Down we are introduced to some of the chief characters of the book, Hazel and Fiver. Both Hazel and Fiver are coneies but they talk to each other merely as worlds do, they are besides brothers and have a sense of duty to a household merely as worlds do. The book besides describes them with human-like qualities and personalities. When we meet Hazel and Fiver they are in a field feeding, when they stumble upon what is described by Richard Adams to be a lodging building site. Hazel and Fiver try to decode the mark with lines on it, but Fiver goes into a terror and they rapidly leave the site back to the Warrens, their place. The coneies seem to hold their ain political relations merely as worlds do ; they have rankings of coneies based on size and weight. There is the main coney that overlooks the Warren, and so there are the “ Oswala ” which is to the coneies what the National Guard or the ground forces is to worlds. That dark Fiver has a incubus and Tells Hazel that they must state the head, Threarah, of their find and that great danger will bechance the Warren if the coneies do non go forth. Here we meet Bigwig who is a coney in the Oswala and protects the head. Fiver explains to the head the foreboding in his incubus but is ignored and Bigwig is scolded for allowing the brothers interrupt the head ‘s slumber. The following twenty-four hours Hazel and Fiver are discoursing the conversation with the head with Blackberry and Dandelion, their friends, when Kingpin shows up and explains he has left the Oswala and wants to go forth the Warren with them and that they will seek to convert other coneies to come. In Watership Down the coneies seem to hold a sense of community and friendly relationship merely as worlds do. The group that decides to go forth consists of 11 coneies Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig, Pipkin, Dandelion, Hawkbit, blackberry, Buckhorn, Silver, Acorn, and Speedwell. As they gather the leader of the Oswala comes to collar the group believing they want to subvert the head, but Bigwig onslaughts and forces the Oswala to withdraw, and the group leaves. All the coneies have their ain names merely as worlds but so far the book has non mentioned any last names, coneies are identified by what “ tunnel ” they live in. The “ tunnel ” is each coney ‘s place. It besides seems that the coneies have their ain Torahs and the Oswala service as a constabulary force who arrest coneies who break those Torahs. Just as worlds arrest felons. In the 5th chapter the group is easy creeping through the forests, they seem to hold given Hazel the function of the leader and have a structured pecking order, the biggest coneies at the top. Hazel realizes the group is tense and nervous and tells Dandelion to state them a narrative as they rest.

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Chapters 6-10 Begin with Dandelion stating the narrative of El-ahrairah, the coney common people hero. El-ahrairah is described as the coneies Robin Hood and is a narrative that the coneies base their faith on, and describes the creative activity of the Earth and the animate beings, merely as the Bible does for worlds. While Dadelion is stating the narrative to the group a Wisconsinite appears out of the shrub and frightens the coneies off. It appears that the coneies in this narrative have their ain linguistic communication and that they can non speak to other animate beings merely as worlds. As the coneies are running off they stumble apon a river and Fiver decides that they need to traverse but merely the strongest coneies can swim. Bigwig travel across the river foremost to do certain it is safe, Bigwig comes back with the intelligence that there is large Canis familiaris in the forests and that it is headed their manner. Hazel decides they must traverse but Pipkin is injured and can non swim. Blackberry so comes up with the thought of puttin Pipkin on a piece of wood and drifting him across when he saw a piece of plyboard on top of the H2O and deducted that if you put something on top of that wood it would drift every bit good. The other coneies are aghast and say that coney ‘s can non drift but with small options they go through with the program and they all get across safely. Blackberry ‘s find mystifies the other coneies, except for Fiver who understand wht happened. This shows that the coneies are capable of concluding and contriving new thoughts even if their society is developing it is a parallel with worlds and the thirst for cognition.

In chapters 11 to 15, The more you get into the narrative the more it sounds like the coneies are people who are flying their places because of spiritual persecution or war. Throughout chapter 11 the coneies travel through unsmooth terrain until they come to the perfect field. As the coneies are eating they start constructing holes to remain in but it is mentioned that vaulting horses ( male coneies ) do non normally build the tunnels, normally it is the does ( female coneies ) . This is an illustration of how the coney ‘s civilization is similar to our ain where there are different occupations for males and females and there is sexism in their society merely as there is in our ain. They shortly see a unusual coney watching them and finally Hazel and Blackberry go out to run into him. Just like in human society Richard Adams references that the coneies have their ain ways of recognizing one another, sometimes it is formal and sometimes it is and informal salutation. The unusual coney is uncommonly healthy and has a distinguishable “ healthy odor ” every bit good a glistening coat. He introduces himself as Cowslip and Hazel finds his mode of speech production and actions strange. This is an illustration of the blending of civilizations between two coney societies in which both parties find the other strange. This is similar to what happens when two human civilizations interact and is normally reacted to with credence or force. Cowslip invites the group back to his Warren and runs off before the storm comes. It is decided that the coneies will travel to the Warren, but Fiver is loath and believes they should remain off. As Hazel and the group enter Cowslip ‘s Warren they notice it is different from their ain. They find that this Warren has no head and does non fear marauders because there are none. As the coneies mingle Hazel meets Strawberry who shows Hazel rock graphics that perplexes him. Hazel has ne’er heard of coneies making art and besides realizes Strawberry will non reply any inquiry beginning with “ where ” . The coneies discover many new things about the unusual Warrens and their civilization. For the first clip they hear a coney laugh which frightens them. The group sleeps in the Warren for the dark and a woken to Strawberry who tells them that there is “ good nutrient ” exterior ( carrots ) and that when they go to roll up it they normally carry the nutrient back in their oral cavities and shop it in the tunnels. Fiver becomes angry and says there is something unnatural to the alien ‘s methods. So far in the book it seems this unusual Warren is a coney utopia, worlds kills all the marauders and leaves carrots out for the coneies, but Fiver knows there is something leery about the worlds and does non swear it. Bigwig becomes angry with Fiver and says that they can populate merely every bit merrily as Cowslip and his Warren. When all the coneies gather they ask for a narrative so Dandelion decides to state “ The Story of the Kings Lettuce ” . Dandelion and the others are happy to portion a narrative from their ain Warrens because they believed themselves to be the best narrators and wanted to demo that to Cowslip and his Warren. This is another illustration of how the coneies cultural intermingling is to our ain, they are viing and each side believes themselves to be better and to turn out that they come from the better squad. “ The Story of the Kings Lettuce ” is once more about the coney ‘s spiritual idol El-ahrairah and how coneies came to utilize fast ones and cunning to last.

In chapters 16 to 20, After Dandelion has told his narrative they are certain it will affect the other Warren, because it is a authoritative narrative and he had told it really good. The other Warren is non impressed though and say that they do non state those types of narratives any longer and belive coneies need self-respect, non fast ones. It seems that the two Warrens have different values and how the life of a coney should be lived every bit good. Then a coney named Silverweed goes on to reciet a verse form, something Hazel and the others had ne’er heard before, and are impressed. Fiver thinks the verse form is a freak and starts dissing the other coneies. After Hazel and Fiver left the tunnel Bigwig becomes angry and says that Fiver could hold detroyed their relationship with Cowslip and the others. The following forenoon Hazel wakes up to happen Fiver go forthing the Warren with or without the others. Hazel tries to convice Fiver to come back and Bigwig becomes angry and says that Fiver is merely seeking to acquire everyone to follow him. As Bigwig turns to travel back to the Warren he gets got in a trap. While Bigwig is fighting and choking he tells the others that they have to delve out the nog in the land. This trap was evidently set by worlds who play a large function in this book. It seems that non merely do the coneies have to fear marauders but besides human traps that they have no manner to protect themselves from. Fiver so runs for aid and Blackberry comes and is able to calculate out how to acquire Bigwig out of the trap, but by that clip Bigwig has stopped traveling. Blackberry so explains that Cowslip and the others refused to come and assist and even ignored him wholly. Bigwig angrly gets up and says he will kill Cowslip. As everyone goes off to kill the other coneies Fiver calmes them down and state them he has figured out why this Warren is so unusual. The traps are at that place for the coneies by the husbandman that feeds them. The coneies know about the traps but ignore them in favour of making art and poesy. The Warren is a decease trap, and no coney will reply a inquiry get downing with where because they do non desire to confront the truth as to why so many coneies go losing and give their friends for nutrient. This is a coney farm that the husbandmans use to easy captur the coneies, the adult male feeds them merely to flesh out them up before killing them, and he merely kills a fewe at a clip. The coneies merely have the semblance of freedom. As Hazel and the others begin to go forth Strawberry, from Cowslips Warren, runs up and implore Hazel to take him with them. The pack no longer inquiries Fivers intuition, and after travelin a few stat mis come across a barn where they are attacked by rats. But under Bigwigs guidence they fight them off. Then they come across empty coney holes and make up one’s mind to kip at that place. The following forenoon Blackberry suggests that they build a Warren for themselves and as they are delving they hear a frighting noise. They run into their tunnels and something calls out to Bigwig. As they look out the holes they see a bloodied coney creeping towards them. Tey acknowledge this coney as Captain Holly of the Oswla. While assisting Holly into the tunnel Hazel realized that the odor of blood will pull marauders. Then another coney appers who turns out to be Captain Holly ‘s friend Bluebell. The following twenty-four hours the pack countinues constructing their new Warrens, and Hazel decides that he wants a expansive tunnel like the one at Cowslip ‘s Warren. It seems our coneies are following new ways of life by what they have learned from the other Warren, merely like people do when two different human civilizations start following each others methods of life. Strawberry so becomes the designer, taking control of the edifice procedure and utilizing his cognition from his Warren in constructing the new one. They decide to name the new Warren Honeycomb. Hazel so saves a mouse from a falcon by giving it protection in one of their tunnels. The mouse promises to return the favour to Hazel for salvaging his life. To the daze of the others Hazel says that he thinks it is a good thought to populate in cooperation with other animate beings.

In chapters 21 to 25, After Holly has recovered he explains to the other coneies that after they left the Threarah said that even if Fiver was right in his prmonition it would be excessively much work to travel the full Warren. Threarah decided it would be best to conceal from the dangers by remaining belowground than by traveling. Holly explained that one twenty-four hours as he was traveling back to the Warren he saw work forces with guns. The work forces filled in many of the coney holes and so flooded the Warren with poisonius gas. I suspect the work forces are seeking to kill off the coneies to be able to construct on the land. Work forces have a trumendous consequence on the lives of wild animate beings, particularly when it comes to building. Work force have to kill animate beings or trail them out of their places to do room for our ain. Work forces do non believe of coneies as animate existences, instead they think of them as animate beings or plagues that need to be detroyed to do room for their ain programs. Bluebell was inside the Warren when all of this happened and describes what it was like indoors. There was complete pandemonium but Bluebell managed to happen a way that went far down into the Earth and so endorse up into a wood. With him was another coney named Pimpernel who was holding a difficult clip take a breathing because of the gas. Holly so explained that before they escaped a large plough came and destroyed the field. This whole clip the coneies have no apprehension of what is traveling on and how coneies could hold been killed without even beeing touched by a human, or how a loud “ one clawed ” animate being could hold destroyed the Earth. The coneies could non hold been prepared for the most unsafe marauder, merely worlds have the power to anniahlate that many animate beings. Holly so took the other two coneies, Pimpernel and Bluebell, and follow the way that Hazel took. When they got to Cowslip ‘s Warren of traps they were attacked and Pimpernel was killed in the battle. Before killing Cowslip, Holly was told where to happen Hazel, and so after yearss of going and hallucinating was able to happen the Honeycomb. After they eat Bluebell tells a narrative about El-ahrairah that took topographic point after Dandelion ‘s narrative about the male monarch ‘s boodle. Prince Rainbow wanted to set El-ahrairah dorsum in his topographic point, so he brought a coney named Hufsa to populate with him and made Rabscuttle unrecorded someplace else. Hufsa spoiled all of El-ahrairah ‘s programs by in secret stating Prince Rainbow about them. El- ahrairah eventually tricked Hufsa into looking like a sap, and managed to steal Prince Rainbow ‘s new carrots in the procedure. He went with Hufsa to steal the carrots, but made so many other animate beings do so many unusual things along the manner that no 1 believed Hufsa ‘s narrative at the test. The jury, made up wholly of elil-the enemies of rabbits-acquitted El-ahrairah, and Prince Rainbow took Hufsa off. The following twenty-four hours Bigwig and Silver fing and injured bird in a shrub. The bird is a Seagull and they had ne’er seen one before and make non cognize if it is unsafe or non. When Hazel goes to talk with the bird it is aggressive but they find out that it is besides hungry. After conveying the Sagull snails Hazel attempt to convert it that they merely ant to assist, but the bird garbages and tells them to go forth. Hazel goes back that afternoon and convinces the bird to remain in their Warrens for protection. The sea gull becomes much friendlier and particularly likes Bigwig. Bigwig finds out that the bird was attacked by a cat and World Health Organization name id Kehaar. Kehaar explains that he comes from a topographic point where the land ends and becomes “ large H2O ” , the coneies are certain he is lying. Hazel comes up with a program to happen some does for the Warren, but they need Kehaar ‘s aid, otherwise constructing the Warren would hold be in vain. A bird can go much farthur and much faster than a coney, and he wants Kehaar to happen does for their Warren. Kehaar agrees and returns to the coneies a few yearss subsequently explining that he found some does non excessively far off. The lone job is that they are non wild coneies and are penned up on a farm. There is besides another Warren with many does, but it is really far off and will take a few yearss to make. Holly, Silver, Buckthorn, and Strawberry agree to travel to the Warren the following forenoon. Hazel decides that even though it will be really unsafe they should seek to acquire the does from the farm. Hazel takes merely Pipkin with him and does non state the others. They find that the farm coneies are inside a caducous and that there are many cats rolling. Hazel talkes to the farm coneies and meets Boxwood who tells them that there are two does and two vaulting horses. Hazel says he wants to enroll them into the Warren and promises to be back to liberate them and whoever wants to travel can travel. When Fiver finds out that Hazel went to the farm he becomes angry and says that Hazel is merely seeking to demo off. Bigwig is excited to travel back and is able to convert Blackberry to travel along every bit good, he will be needed to calculate out how to open the coop. Dandelion, veronica, and Hawbit agree to travel every bit good. Fiver warns Hazel that he forsees danger and implore them non to travel. The following dark they leave for the farm, where they come across another cat, but Bigwig battles it and is able to trail it off. Blackberry figures out a manner to open the coop, but the farm coneies are excessively afraid to go forth. Boxwood and Clover move rapidly but two retarding force behind, Haystack and Laurel. A Canis familiaris begins barking and all the coneies run off except Haystack and Laurel who are frozen if fright. Hazel and Dandelion go back to salvage the other two, but so a auto shows up. Haystack gets off but Laurel is grabbed by work forces. Hazel, Dandelion, and Haystack get stuck in a ditch and Hazel runs out to distact the work forces so the others can acquire off. Hazel is changeable and hurt, but as the work forces search for him he figures out a manner to creep up a drain and fell. When Hazel does non return the other coneies search for him, but they find blood and work forces ‘s footfalls. They go back to state Fiver, but Fiver says he already knows from a vision he had. Subsequently that dark Holly returns with Strawberry and Silver but no does.

In chapters 26 to 30, Fiver has a dream that shows him that Hazel is still alive. Fiver tells Blackberry to take him to the topographic point where Hazel was shot. Whenthey get to the drain, Fiver looks in and sees that Hazel is barley alive. The other coneies non cognizing that Hazel is still alive are usure of what to make without their leader. Holly so tells the others what happened at the other Warren and why they did non convey any does back with them. As they neared the Warren they came across another coney who told them non to travel to Efrafa, the name of the Warren. Then three large coneies jumped out of the shrubs and escorted Holly and the others into Efrafa. Holly learns that the Owsla in Efrafa are in complete control along with a council of advisers who have a leader named General Woundwort. Each coney born in Efrafa are marked at birth and so placed in a group with that similar grade. A coney with a specific grade can merely remain in that group and are merely allowed above land when the group is allowed. The Warren is designed to avoid sensing from marauders particularly worlds. The Owsla tally patrols that go long distances to reconnoiter for any dangers to the Warren every bit good as happening escaped coneies and brining them back to Efrafa. Holly finds out from the other coneies in the Warren that Efrafa is overcrowded. When Holly is brought to the council to explicate how his Warren needed does the council refused even though Efrafa was overcrowded with excessively many does. General Woundwort so explained that they are non allowed to go forth and Holly relized that they were captives, non invitees. The manner Efrafa is run is precisely like a prison and no coney is allowed to go forth, even if they decided to travel far off. Rabbits in Efrafa are told how to populate their lives, when to eat, when to kip, and where they live. They get ultimate protection every bit long as they give up their freedoms. It is a really hierachial manner of life and the lone manner of being happy is by going portion of a little privliged group of the elite. Efrafa is a totaltarian Warren. Holly finds a manner to get away and are persued by the Owsla. Holly and the other were about caught until they crossed the railway path and the train came through. Holly is in awe of the train and frozen in fright. His lone explaination is the train is a giany hrududu sent by Lord Frith to salvage them. After that they make their manner back to the Warren merely to larn that Hazel was killed. Black berry arrives to state the others that Hazel is really alive and that Fiver used thaumaturgy to happen him. Hazel is wounded and has a difficult clip mending but Kehaar knows why and pulls the shotgun pellets from Hazel ‘s leg. After resting Hazel decides that they need to travel back to Efrafa to acquire does and state Blackberry to come up with a program. Hazel tells the other Honeycomb coneies about his program but Holly is against it and says traveling back to Efrafa would intend decease, but Fiver says he will travel and believe the program will work. Bigwig is besides traveling and Kehaar says he will travel if Bigwig goes. Silver and Pipkin voluntary every bit good. Kehaar says this will be the last thing he does for the coneies before he returns to the ocean, but promises to be back once more. The coneies set off for Efrafa and when they stop for the dark they ask Dandelion to state them another narrative.

In chapters 31 to 35, Dandelion tells the narrative of when King Darzin sent his soldiers to acquire rid of El-ahrairah one time and for all. The soldiers attacked the coneies every bit shortly as they came out of their holes, and shortly all of El-ahrairah ‘s people were suffering and deceasing. El-ahrairah could non calculate out a manner to acquire rid of King Darzin, and he realized he needed aid from the Black Rabbit of Inle, an immortal coney appointed by Lord Frith to find the deceases of all coneies. El-ahrairah wanted to offer the Black Rabbit his ain life in exchange for aid for his people.After a long journey up a mountain with his friend Rabscuttle, El-ahrairah came to the home of the Black Rabbit and tried to dicker with him, but the Black Rabbit would non accept his offer. El-ahrairah tested to flim-flam the Black Rabbit, but he lost his beards, his tail, and his ears in the procedure. Finally, the Black Rabbit told El-ahrairah to go forth, and said that he had already gotten rid of King Darzin ‘s soldiers. When they eventually returned, the Warren was bigger and the younger coneies knew nil about the war with King Darzin. El-ahrairah sat to believe, and Lord Frith came to speak to him, stating him that wisdom is non easy, and brought him a tail, beards, and a brace of ears with starlight in them. Merely so, Pipkin interrupts the narrative to state the others that there is a fox approaching. The Black Rabbit of Inle is similar to our Satan or the inexorable harvester an shows that the coneies have similar faiths to the people and that there is and hereafter that the coneies belive in. As our coneies prepare to run from the fox, Bigwig rushes into a shrub, his action gets the fox ‘s attending. The others hear a coney shriek and Bigwig comes hotfooting back out. He explains that the shriek was n’t his and as he was hotfooting into the shrub there were three other coneies that he knocked down and the fox must hold gotten one of them. The following mornig Kehaar comes to state the group that a patrol is nearby and that they need to conceal. They cross the Fe route and slumber for the dark. The following twenty-four hours Hazel asks Kehaar to take them to the river which is immense and leaves the coneies in awe. Kehaar leads them to a brige whicch the coneies are loath to travel across, but Fiver convinces them that it is safe. Blackberry and Hazel explore the other side of the river to calculate out the last stairss in their programs. They shortly come across a boat that Kehaar has to explian, and Blackberry comes up with a program for utilizing the boat. The following chapter is from General Woundworts point of position and eplains that he is a immense fearless coney who craves power which is why he decided to make Efrafa. General Woundwort is angry that Holly was able to acquire off, aching the award of his Owsla and killing one of his good captains who was run over by a train. It seems that even coneies, like worlds, can turn corrupt and hungriness for power. It besides explains that the fox that went after Bigwig killed another one of his officers alternatively. Soon Captain Campion comes to allow General Woundwort know that a coney wants to fall in the Efrafa. The coney is Bigwig, and Woundwort makes him an officer. Bigwig learns about the Efrafa security and belives that interrupting out is about impossible. He meets a coney named Blackavar, who was about able to acquire off but was caught by Captain Campion, so the council ripped out his ears and puts him on public presentation to demo the othe coneies of Efrafa what happens when you try to get away. Bigwig decides that if they try to get away he will convey Blackavar with him. Bigwig meets Hyzenthlay a Department of Energy that Holly had met in his clip at Efrafa. Bigwig explains that he is seeking to interrupt out some of the does and wants Hyzenthlay to distribute the word.

In chapters 36 to 40, While Bigwig is gaurding the eating coneies, Kehaar flys down and Bigwig negotiations to him. Kehaar says the coneies must be ready to go forth at sundown and that they must assail the lookouts. Bigwig goes to state Hyzenthlay to do certain everyone is prepared, but as Bigwig is ready to do the flight General Woundwort calls him aside to speak to him. One of the patrols that was attacked by the fox that was after Bigwig recognized him and Woundwort became leery. Woundwort asks him if he knows anything about the other coneies, but Bigwig says that he merely saw their paths but did non cognize what manner they were traveling. Woundwort belives Bigwig and tells him to maintain and oculus on Hyzenthlay because he belives there will be problem shortly. Hazel and the others wait for Bigwig but when he does non demo up they become disquieted and relize something must hold gone incorrect. Bigwig is besides concerned that with all Hyzenthlay ‘s talk one of the coneies will give up their program. Bigwig finds a manner to pass on with Kehaar by utilizing an unitelligent coney as his pawn. He is able to state Kehaar to come back subsequently that dark, and Bigwig tells Blackavar to be ready that dark. Hazel gets Bigwigs message and prepares for the approaching dark. Hyzenthlay wakes Bigwig when he his sleeping and tells him that a Department of Energy has been arrested. Bigwig realizes that they need to go forth right now and goes to acquire Blackavar, so Bigwig, Blackavar and the does all do their flight and when Bigwig hears stomping knows that the gaaurds have spotted their flight. When General Woundwort finds out what happened he instantly takes off after them and rapidly catches up. When a battle is about to interrupt out, lightning flashes and while everyone is stunned it begins to rain. At that minute Kehaar comes out of nowhere and onslaughts, he is shortly followed by Hazel and the others who take the does and withdraw torwards the river. When they get to the river all the coneies get on the boat except for Dandelion who is concealing in shrubs and Woundwort is about to kill him. As Hazel prepares to go forth Bigwig says he will non go forth without Kehaar and leaps off the boat deflecting Woundwort, Dandelion and Bigwig manage to get away and leap on the boat, the rope interruptions and the coneies escape down the river. As the coneies float down the river Kehaar tells them that there is a brige coming and they barley manage to suit under it, but one of the does is injured in the procedure. They come across another brige that stops the boat, the coneies do non cognize what to make until a group of work forces pass over the boat. All the coneies jump out of the boat and swim to shore. It seems that the boat is what saved the coneies lives when get awaying from Woundwort and even though it was made from adult male the coneies were non afraid in utilizing it. During the dark the Department of Energy that was injured traveling under the brige had died. Hazel and Bigwig so say adieus to Kehaar who leaves for the ocean promising to return in the winter. The coneies so head for place and happen out that Blackavar, because of his Efrafa preparation is a really good tracker and at one point Hazel decides they should rest for the twenty-four hours but Blackavar disagrees and says they shoulkd maintain moving because he senses a fox. Hazel does non mind his warning and Fiver does non experience any danger. Two yearss subsequently a fox grabs oe of the does. They are so found by Captain Campion who trys to acquire them to give up, but he is out numbered. Hazel leaves him without a battle but Blackavar says they shouold kill him so he can non describe back to Efrafa, but Hazel keeps Captain Campion alive. Captain Campion so follows the coneies to their Warrens and caputs back to Efrafa.

In chapters 41 to 45, The Warren is now composed of 16 vaulting horses and 10 does, everyone lives comfortably and are happy to acquire back to populating normal lives. The coneies are unconcerned that General Woundwort might revenge against their Warren. Dandelion decides to state another narrative, the narrative of the clip El-ahrairah and Rabscuttle played a fast one on Rowsby Woof, a barbarous Canis familiaris, so that they could acquire nutrient. El-ahrairah dressed up and pretended to be the Fairy Wogdog, a spirit sent by the Dog Queen. El-ahrairah and Rabscuttle got their nutrient and left Rowsby Woof convinced that he saved both his maestro and the Fairy Wogdog from an evil rat spirit. Whe Dandelion finshes his narrative he and Hazel go to take over lookout from acorn, they are so visited by Hazel ‘s mouse friend who tells them that a group of coneies are garnering close by. Hazel so tells Holly and Blackavar to look into. They come back with intelligence that a busting party from Efrafa has come. Hazel comes up with a program to make full the entrywaies of all the holes go forthing merely one unfastened so that the enemy will hold to delve to acquire inside the Warren. Hazel so leaves Bigwig in charge while he goes to speak to General Woundwort. Woundwort explains that he was stripped of his rank after the flight and wants retaliation. Hazel makes Woundwort an offer to put up a Warren between Honycomb and Efrafa that is inhabited by the two Warrens. After much convincing Woundwort accepts his offer, but says that if Blackavar and Bigwig are non waiting when he gets at that place he will kill all the vaulting horses. As Hazel and Bigwig disscuss what to make following Fiver shriek and Hazel has a vision that he needs to let go of the Canis familiaris from the farm, he rapidly leaves with Blackberry and Dandelion. Hazel and Dandelion knaw at the Canis familiariss tether, but a cat appears and Hazel casts to warn Dandelion, but as the cat pounces the Canis familiaris jumps up and interrupt the tether and runs off. Hazel falls from the top of the doghouses and when he looks up sees the cat looking down at him.

In chapters 46 to the Epilouge, Woundwort prepares to assail the Honeycomb, Bigwig has problem waking up Fiver so he leaves him on the otherside of the Warren. Woundwort thinks Fiver is dead and leaves him entirely. Woundwort so brings recruits and is the first one to step into the hall, Bigwig who is concealing leaps out and spots Woundwort deep in his leg. Woundwort shortly has the upperhand and merely as he is about to kill Bigwig his leg gives out. While this is go oning Dandelion attempts to take the Canis familiaris to the Warren by acquiring the Canis familiaris to follow him. General Woundwort has lost most of his strength due to his leg, he so tells his coneies to withdraw but when the range the surface Captain Campion comes running torwards them stating them to fly. The Canis familiaris appears but General Woundwort tells his soilders to stand their land. Hazel was clever here in seeking to get the better of Woundwort non merely by beastly strength but by intelligence and utilizing what resources he had, this is similar to ways worlds might be after onslaughts and they try to see everypossibility particularly those that have the least casualties. Chapter 48 is from Lucy ‘s point of position. Lucy is a small miss who lives on the farm and wakes up to hear squeling and saves Hazel from the cat. She shows Hazel to the physician on the farm, merely as the Canis familiaris comes back with a abrasion on his olfactory organ and a bite grade in his leg. The physician says that Hazel is all right and drives her to a topographic point where they can allow Hazel travel. Lucy releases him at the base of Watership Down. If it was n’t for Lucy ‘s intercession Hazel would hold died. Even though his place was destroyed by worlds it was the act of one sort miss that changed his destiny. Richard Adam ‘s intimations here that possibly worlds and animate beings can populate in harmoniousness after all. As a consequence of standing up to the Canis familiaris Woundwort died but he saved the lives of many coneies in the procedure. Captain Campion decided if was best for them to return to Efrafa and surrendered to the Honeycomb. Bigwig is severely injured but is retrieving and Hazel returnes to the Warren to state his narrative. In chapter 50 Richard Adams speeds up clip, it is now October and the Warren is booming. Many of the does hold already had litters and the coneies are populating good. Many of the Efrafa coneies who surrendured united Hazels Warren and are populating merrily, though they belive Woundwort is still alive someplace. Hazel is still working on a program to get down a Warren between Honeycomb and Efrafa. Most of the immature are turning up, listening to narratives of escapade from Dandelion and reciving preparation from Bigwig. In the Epilouge of Watership Down the new Warren between Efrafa and the Honeycomb is complete and successful. Woundwort was ne’er seen once more but his narrative is still told. Hazel is an old adult male now, but he has lived longer than most coneies. One evenining in March, a coney with a reflecting visible radiation in his ears comes for Hazel. Hazel leaves his organic structure behind, merely looking back to see that the Warren is safe, and so moves on.

Animals lives will ever be affected by worlds, but it does non ever have to be negativly. Lucy ‘s act of kindness shows that non all worlds are evil and merely as worlds can destruct animate beings on a caprice they can besides salvage animate beings in the same manner.


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