Automated Daily Time System Literature

By the programmed database, it will provide job details to the human resources department as the salary period comes. With this programmed database, the accumulation of employee information will be possible and at the same time helps managers to employ simple approach to inspect the employee information for verification of truth. This programmed database will allow the supervisor to establish timetable for each employee including recess times, holidays and whether overtime is needed.

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Daily Time Software is used by many organizations to assist hold course of employee hours for payroll purposes. Daily Time Software tracks employee time information in a database that helps managers to have simple entry to employee data and to analyze the data for accuracy. The Daily Time Clock packages provide scheduled administration. Daily Time Software innovative structure features fundamental coverage and connections to payroll systems.

At the conclusion of the salary time, each employee’s hours are automatically reported to the human resources department, reducing paperwork and eliminating errors. Arrival and exit times using a computer time clock. To log in/log away, employees take unusual identifiers, such as cards with magnetic stripe or barcodes, biometric input devices that stop fingerprints or handprints, and iris scanners that are not widely distributed because of privacy concerns.

Daily Time Software completely replaces manual time card machines or your hand written time and attendance records. Daily Time Software eliminates the need for you to spend more hours each week compiling your manual Bundy systems into a report to supply to your payroll department. Daily Time  Software saves hours of generating automated payroll reports for your employees by simply, printing out the reports and write the checks. Daily Time Software supports weekly. You can put together a real workforce solution through Daily Time Software.

You can start increasing profit by having information you need to make a solid business decisions. MANILA, Philippines – As deterrent to absenteeism and tardiness, the Quezon City government has enforced the electronic attendance (E-Attendance) system to city hall employees. Administrator Victor B. Endriga said that implementing the E-Attendance will enable the city government to provide quality time and service to the public while serving as an accurate tool to weed out the undesirables at city hall. In a memorandum, Endriga ordered ity hall departments and offices, task forces and unit heads to immediately implement the E-Attendance to monitor the time-in and time-out of their personnel. Endriga said that the E-Attendance is part of Mayor Herbert Bautista’s program for automated or paperless transaction at the Quezon City Hall. The memorandum also asked the departments and offices, task forces and unit heads to coordinate with the Quezon City Information Technology Development Office (QCITDO) for the installation of one unit of computer and web cam in their respective offices for the daily attendance of city-paid workers.

Endriga said that the use of E-Attendance will ensure the transacting public that city hall employees will be on service to them at exactly 8:00 a. m. to 5:00 p. m. daily or on the time schedule assigned to them. “With the E-Attendance, we can assure the public of more quality service from QC Hall,” Endriga said. Endriga also noted that the process will also save the city’s coffers of thousands or millions of pesos in the monitoring of daily time record (DTR) of QC Hall employees.


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