Are acquisitions an effective way for companies to achieve growth?


In this essay, Acquisitions are a corporate scheme, mentioning to “ the purchase by one company ( the acquirer ) of a significant portion of the assets or securities of another ( the mark company ) ” ( Chandrashekar, 2008, p. 24 ) . This corporate scheme is regareded as a faster manner for houses to accomplish growing than internal growing, thereby appealing increasing figure of houses to utilize. In malice of the popularity of acquisitions, there is no consensus on whether this method is an effectual manner for houses to accomplish growing. Some people argue that companies can non accomplish growing by acquisition because it may ensue in monoply so possibly do negative impacts on corporations. However, this essay will try to demo that acquisitions are an effectual manner manner for houses to accomplish growing. In order to show this, the essay will first concentrate on the four factors related to the acquisitions: economic systems of graduated table, market power, research and development ability and integrating. Then, it will be shown that although some hazards acquisions are an effectual manner, some other methods, like concern confederations, can besides better houses ‘ public presentation.

1 Economies of graduated table

Acquisitions can do for economic systems of graduated table for geting houses. Harmonizing to Gold ( 1981 ) and Hill ( 1988 ) , a chief benefit of acquisitions is the economic systems of graduated table. “ Economies of graduated table ” can be defined as “ lessenings in per-unit costs that result from an addition in the size or graduated table of a company ‘s operations ” ( Patrick, 2007, p. 48 ) , which means that the cost of per merchandise will be reduced when their size of industry is enlarged. The ground of the being of scale economic systems is that fixed costs of houses, particularly some fabrication houses, are distributed throughout the comparatively low degree of end product ( Patrick, 2007, p. 127 ) . For case, an motor works can piece 240 autos each twenty-four hours and the fixed costs are 1 million lbs, so the mean fixed disbursals are 4167 lbs. When this works acquires another works, the production graduated table assembly line velocity will increase. Provided that the motor works can bring forth 480 autos each twenty-four hours, the fixed cost of each auto will diminish to 2083 lbs and the mean fixed costs of per twenty-four hours may worsen 2084 lbs ( Donald, 2008, p. 44 ) .

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However, some people argue that acquisition will take to the diseconomies of graduated table. Diseconomies of graduated table is by and large believed that with the graduated table of the house is excessively big so the fringy benefit will diminish, even below nothing. Therefore, geting houses can non accomplish growing due to the diminution of fringy benefit.

However, the behavior of acquisition itself should non be responsible for diseconomies of graduated table, since most of the graduated table diseconomies are caused by ineffectualness of communicating and multiple direction ( Sudarsanam, 2003, p. 123 ) . When the production graduated table additions to a certain extent, the direction efficiency and information transmittal costs will worsen. Too big enlargement may besides ensue in the lessening of market monetary value. Those are the grounds why diseconomies of scale exist. Therefore, if the geting houses and acquired houses can set up effectual integrating systems of resources, such as stuffs or human resources, and happen the best range of enlargement, both companies can accomplish growing by acquisitions. For case, steel shapers Arbed of Luxembourg, Ulsinor of France and Aceralia of Spain acquired many other steel shapers in 2002 and so became the biggest steel brand over the universe. After acquisitions, geting houses do legion probes of steel market in order to corroborate how many steels should be produced each twelvemonth in order to acquire comparative maximali net income. Except that, houses besides design effectual direction system to vouch the production efficiency. As a consequence, the acquisition was promoted to bring forth one-year cost nest eggs of 264 million dollars a twelvemonth by 2003 and 616 million dollars a twelvemonth by 2006. Except the cost economy, the geting houses can besides portion quality control ways to cut down costs ( Marsh, 2002, p. 25 ) . Therefore, it is clearly seen that acquisitions are an effectual manner to accomplish growing by cost salvaging through economic systems of graduated table.

2 Market power

Acquisitions are an efficient agencies for houses to accomplish growing because they can augment the market power of geting houses to acquire immense net incomes. In the first topographic point, harmonizing to Sudarsanam ( 2003 ) , the market power can be defined as a ability of a company to put and keep monetary value above competitory degrees, which means that geting houses can increase monetary values due to the heightening market power without losing clients. That is the most of import ground why late legion houses choose acquisitions as the best manner to accomplish growing. Acquisitions besides seem to be an efficient manner for geting houses to come in unfamiliar parts or merchandise countries quickly. For case, harmonizing to Tomkins, “ Unilever, the Anglo-Dutch consumer merchandises group acquired SlimFast Foods and Ben & A ; Jerry ‘s Homemade and Bestfoods in the US, thereby spread outing its market to nutrient country in a short clip. The purpose of these acquisitions is to construct up strong planetary trade names that would defy the retail merchants ‘ onslaughts ” ( Sudarsanam, 2003, p. 59 ) . Another illustration can back up this statement is the acquisition of Cheseborough-Ponds by Unilever. Although Unilever is dominant in European parts, they found that it is hard to come in the American market. So Unilever acquired Cheseborough-Ponds, with 75 % market portions in America, to spread out their American market expeditiously.

On the other manus, it is argued that if the market portion of a house is excessively high via acquisitions, the market competition will be lessened so the monopoly will be created. Harmonizing to Hal ( 2005, p. 32 ) , monopoly is a state of affairs where the market is dominated by one company of a merchandise and that house has the ability to put irrational monetary value excessive the sensible market monetary value. The signifiers will exercise damaging impacts on both consumers and their ain net income. It is by and large acknowledged that if a pure competition exists in a concern country, every company is the monetary value shaper and produces the end product where the monetary value is equal to fringy cost. While in a monopoly, the endeavor will put the fringy gross which is less than monetary value equal to marginal cost to maximise its overall net incomes. That is to state the state of affairs of Monopoly impels clients to purchase the merchandise with exorbitant monetary value and even upset regular market order. Due to the harm to clients and market, most of the states developed antimonopoly ordinances to forestall the monopoly and intervened in the market, which means that the behavior of monopoly will be sanctioned by states and the immense gross will non be achieved. For case, Novartis, one of the taking transnational pharmaceutical companies over the universe, completed 77 per centum bulk ownership of Alcon by 387 billion dollars in order to have the largest sum of medical instrument and ophthalmology medical specialty. While this acquisition is considered as the monopoly and besides investigated by Ministry of Commerce of the People ‘s Republic of China. At last, Novartis was prohibited to sell the infectoflam or other similar opthalmological anti-infective merchandises in the following five old ages in China. Therefore, it is challenged that the market power will take to antimonopoly penalty and net income diminution.

However, market power will non ensue in monopoly if companies can make a favourable market program. It is by and large Accepted that monopoly is merely a signifier that the market portions expand to the extreme bounds. The probes by William reveal that merely seven per centum of acquisitions receive antimonopoly probes each twelvemonth and at last, merely three per centum of these probes will be decided as monopoly. Therefore, the consequences show that it is non easy for geting houses to be maintained as the monopoly. Furthermore, with the popularity of globalisation, the sum of acquisitions experiences an addition and the antimonopoly dealingss has been relaxed, which means that most of the states and World Trade Organization encourage houses to carry on acquisition activities for heightening gross. Therefore, although antimonopoly penalty can exercise bad effects on houses, it is clearly seen that acquisitions are one of the best ways for houses to accomplish growing with the perfect program to avoid monopoly.

3 Research and Development

Acquisitions are regarded as one of the best ways for houses to accomplish growing since geting houses can heighten their research and development ability from acquired houses. R & A ; D ( Research and Development ) comprise “ originative work undertaken on a systematic footing in order to increase the stock of cognition, including cognition of adult male, civilization and society, and the usage of this stock of cognition to invent new applications ” . R & A ; D is an point which covers three signifiers of activities: applied research, basic research, and experimental development. Those activities often occur in five sectors: package, computing machine services, Bankss, cars and parts ( 2009, p. 8 ) . It is widely accepted that R & A ; D ability is the chief manner to better nucleus fight of endeavors and is besides the chief force to advance technological and economic growing. Indeed, geting houses can obtain advanced engineering to bring forth advanced merchandises with immense net income and so spread out the market portions more quickly than other companies. As a consequence, the research and development ability is of significance beginning of value in many acquisitions ( Donald, 2008, p. 263 ) .

However, some people may reason that the there are many obstructions in the procedure of integration of research and development, so it is hard for geting houses to accomplish growing. For case, some scientists and technologies may believe that their undertakings require more than 10 old ages to complete, while in most certain occasions, geting houses are looking for consequences in a short clip ( Donald, 2008, p. 263 ) . Harmonizing to Goel and Ram ( 2000, p. 1 ) , other barriers are the disbursal of research may increase the geting houses ‘ debt and uncertainness. It is obvious that if the geting houses invest overmuch money on developing new merchandises via acquisitions, their current financess will be reduced and debt will be increased, which means the geting houses will be under force per unit area of the capital. Provided that the new merchandise is non attuned to the demands of the market, the investing will be nonmeaningful and even geting houses can non accomplish growing.

However, those obstructions can be overcome by market anticipation and successful integrating, therefore geting houses can accomplish immense gross. An investigaation by BIS ( 2009, p. 4 ) reveals that over the universe, companies invested 396 billion dollars, an addition of 7 per centum on the old twelvemonth via acquisitions in R & A ; D. For UK groups, the houses increased their R & A ; D disbursal at a faster rate ( 11.1 % ) . Those facts province that although the hazard may be, the spend on developing inventions continue to turn. For case, Lenovo, the taking Personal Computer trade name in China, acquired IBM ‘s Personal Computing Division to go the 3rd largest Personal computer concern around the universe, conveying IBM ‘s taking enterprise-class Personal computer engineerings to itself. Through acquisitions, Lenovo mastered advanced engineering in a short clip, which will do a quadruple addition in Lenovo ‘s current Personal computer concern. Therefore, it can be seen clearly that despite some jobs in geting other houses ‘ R & A ; D, puting specific steps to avoid them and so acquisitions can heighten the R & A ; D capableness in order to accomplish growing.

4 Integration

Integration seems to an of import factor to find whether the houses can accomplish growing via acquisitions and it consists of changes in organisational constructions, human resource and civilizations of the geting houses. ( Donald, 2008, p.539 ) . It is by and large believed that integrating means when a house acquires another company, their resource like employees should be combined to each other.

4.1 unemployment

Some people argue that houses can non accomplish growing by acquisitions since the unemployment may exercise inauspicious impacts on company image even the stock monetary value. It is obvious that if the acquisitions occur, portion of the staff who work in similar countries in geting houses and acquired houses will be dismissed. For case, Calif ( 2004 ) supply information that Oracle, one of the universe ‘s most incorporate and advanced package and hardware house, acquired PeopleSoft, which provides client relationship direction ( CRM ) and resource direction systems ( HRMS ) package, and so extinguish 53 per centum employees working for PeopleSoft. Such significant layoffs may cut down the trueness of employees to houses and harm corporate image, hence, houses may non accomplish growing by acquisitions.

However, it is undeniable that benefits of layoffs outweigh its disadvantages.. Specifically, houses can salvage cost by dismiss staff and can even raise working efficiency. Obviously, acquisitions require a monolithic inflow of support, for illustration, harmonizing to estimations of 1999-2003, Chinese endeavors, used nearly130 million RMB on acquisitions so the geting houses normally utilize the manner of layoffs to get the better of fiscal troubles. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //, 2010 ) . Although there are some inauspicious influences caused by unemployment, geting houses can take some effectual steps to forestall the harm. For case, houses can inform intelligence to staff candidly about layoffs in progress and supply their job-hunting information from houses ‘ spouses actively. Furthermore, geting and acquired houses should besides supply compensation money to the unemployed ( Stockdale, 2009 ) . Therefore, it is clearly to reason that unemployment will non be a job if companies tackle it in a suited manner.

4.2 Culture integrating

It is argued that civilization daze due to the acquisitions may take to the failure of geting behavior. Corporate civilization can be defined as “ an organisation ‘s values, traditions, norms, beliefs, and behaviour forms ” ( Weston and Weaver, 2001, p.100 ) . Corporate civilization s of great importance because it is the foundation of concern methods and staff values. Acquisitions are the ways for houses to alter and modulate so a new civilization signifier necessarily appears. Obviously, such cultural daze without perfect integrating will do the acquisitions fail. For case, in 2002, Lenovo acquired Hampshire so a big figure of senior direction advisers in Hampshire left due to the serious civilization struggle. Hampshire is by and large regarded as a knowledge-based endeavor whereas Lenovo ‘s civilization is focused on strong ability of market control. As a consequence, Hampshire lost about i??40 million from 2002 to 2003 ( ) . Therefore, the failure of civilization integrating may ensue in the loss of employees.

However, in the same twelvemonth, ewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P ( HP company ) achieve growing by geting Compaq house and those four companies are wholly related to the computing machine country. Why HP and Compaq can accomplish growing? Specifically, one of the most of import ground is the successful civilization integrating despite of the wholly different corporate civilization. HP ‘s civilization is the chase of excellence and regard and trust for clients while Compaq is a immature computing machine maker and its civilization is focused on rapid gaining control of market power. When HP behavior civilization integrating, the company absorbed Compaq ‘s civilization to set up a more solid corporate civilization. Therefore, the failure of civilization combination to a certain extent may do acquisitions to neglect while if the geting and acquired houses can absorb the value of each civilization and do the integrating program in progress, it is clearly believed that acquisitions can do for growing ( ) .


To sum up, this essay has attempted to show that even though some acquisitions may neglect, acquisitions are still to be viewed as an efficient manner for houses to accomplish growing. Indeed, acquisitions may do some jobs, such as monopoly, diseconomies of graduated table and unemployment, which possibly exert damaging impacts on geting and acquired houses. Evidence and statistics suggest that


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