Analysis Of The Poem The Mirror English Literature Essay

Poetry can be called a literary music of the psyche, but sometimes it can be called a call of the bosom excessively. The verse form that struck me as being really emotional was the verse form by Sylvia Plath The Mirror. Sylvia Plath is an American poet and novelist. Even though she was composing poesy from the age of eight, she had to analyze in several universities and colleges before having her acknowledgment in the literary universe. In fact, she was the first poet to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize posthumously. As for her personal life, she was married to a fellow poet and moved with him to England. The verse form I chose to analyse is peculiarly interesting because it was based on the true life events that took topographic point in her life. “ The Mirror ” is an look of Plath ‘s emotional hurt caused by the divorce with her hubby. When he left her, she was erroneously associating his determination with the diminution of her beauty caused by aging. She thought she was acquiring more unworthy with every twenty-four hours. Therefore, she portrayed that sad feeling of aging in a poetic manner, ( ? ) the one manner she knew best.

The mirror is a sagely chosen symbol that stands for the nonsubjective representation of the truth. As Plath references: ” I have no preconceptionsaˆ¦I am non barbarous, merely true. ” In fact, the mirror reflects the writer ‘s subconsciousnes, which is freed by the pureness and truthfulness the mirror. The mirror has no charming power in it, but merely portrays the world to those who use it. “ It swallows ” the true image merely the manner it is without any bias, unlike the worlds that see things distorted through the lenses of their interior prejudice. We can detect an interesting use of the figures of address in the verse form. The mirror is non merely a symbol, but it is besides a personification, because the mirror tells us the narrative from its point of view. Therefore, the symbol of the truth tells us a narrative of the indifferent world it has to portray to those who seek replies in it. Sylvia Plath was a representative of a confessional poesy genre. She herself was that adult female looking in the mirror. That mirror exposed her to much hurting through its honestness. She is scared of that true image of herself acquiring older as the yearss travel by

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That is why she turns to lake, but the lake does non desire to lie to her either. Even that she detests her ain contemplation, she still becomes dependent on the truth the lake gives her. Therefore, , closer to the terminal of the verse form you can see that sort of rel?°ionship were it says “ I am of import to her. She comes and goes. ” Metaphorically Plath calls the Moon and the tapers prevaricators, because they do non give the the precise truth like the mirror. They merely deflect the adult female and do non allow her happen herself. Those prevaricators show to her a delusory image by concealing furrows, and other comrades of the aging procedure.

We might presume that the adult female comes every now and so to the river to see once more that immature miss that used to be her one twenty-four hours. Despite the hope, what she sees is an old adult female. Plath uses the simile such as “ awful fish ” to demo how unpleasant the herself that image is. For most people fish is unappealing in its aesthetic expression. The fish makes the old adult female experience the same manner about herself. The young person has passed for her. “

As for me, I saw the true emotional portraiture of sorrow, of hurting and of weakness towards the inevitable destiny we all have to confront one twenty-four hours This temper is showed even in the apposition of the words such as ‘cruel ‘ and ‘truthful ‘ in verse three. As for the 2nd stanza, Plath puts accent on the pitilessness of clip which is taking the most cherished thing from this adult female – her outside beauty. When reading the terminal of the 2nd stanza, the image of the cheerful “ immature miss ” came to my head. This miss has been drowned one twenty-four hours in the truthfulness of the lake ‘s contemplation. In other words, the artlessness of the young person has been drowned in the rough world of the lake. In fact, the poet suffered strong depression. This verse form shows how she was scared from the truth the mirror was demoing her. The whole verse form is devoted to the subject of the truth and the prevarications. The writers sees is in hurting from seeing the truth and go forthing behind the prevarication. However, I am inclined to believe that cipher should experience sorrow for the clip that went by. There is beauty in every age and this pessimistic expression on the natural concatenation of metabolisms is really extremist. The beauty after all is non on the outside merely, but instead on the interior. In fact, Plath had a beautiful interior universe of her ain that she, unluckily, did non value to the full.


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