An Anthology Of Poems English Literature Essay

The word “ love ” is a verb ; nevertheless “ love ” can non be described in a 1 lined, word or phrased definition. Love is the aesthetic feeling that expresses fondness, honestness and etc. Love is besides represented in different ways – a corsage of flowers, the sum of clip spent between one another and much more. In the Modern Society, love is frequently expressed with communicated words orally. However love can besides be transferred from one ‘s thumping bosom to another ‘s by a communicating of Writing or in other words besides known as Poetry. I will therefore for my Poetry Anthology Assignment have my thematic nexus as of as verse forms that express love.

My hunt for verse forms that express love was non precisely full of jobs or epiphanies, alternatively in my position I did the hunt of the verse forms dextrously and was finally comfortable for happening my verse form. There was merely one child job that I had encountered when seeking my verse form. This quandary was that during the beginning of my hunt I kept seeking for verse forms that expressed love as in a powerful relationship, un- recognizing the fact that my whole subject was Love so ; I could hold besides picked deficiency of love or unanswered love. So, recognizing this at a ulterior phase I was unable to happen good verse forms at the beginning nevertheless, I was able to do this up when I realized that fact at a ulterior phase. Other challenges did non give me a problem- for illustration composing a Commentary and three Personal Reflections within the word bound was an easy undertaking to make. In General my hunt for the verse form was successful except for the minor job that I had encountered.

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This experience has helped me to widen my understanding and cognition for Poem ‘s in General. Before making this Assignment, I knew what Poems were but I did non cognize how to analyse the subjects based on their literary devices, and so utilize the analyzed information into Commentaries. I besides did non cognize that there was something called a “ Commentary ” that shared about the same layout as a Formal 5 Paragraph Essay. This assignment has besides given me the strength to analyse verse forms and rapidly understand what Poets such as Edgar Allan Poe have concealed and compressed with their Poem ‘s information, subjects, and literary devices. It has clearly changed my definition of Love every bit good, by seeing how Poets represent Love in assorted different ways throughout the Poem, I now know more about Love and Poetry.

The compilation of this anthology had minutes of desperation, defeat, and letdown and every bit good as joy, apprehension, and excitement. I have felt fluctuating consequences in my emotions and tempers from clip to clip as I was making the assignment. I love this assignment because of all the ways I have benefited from it. Even though it fluctuated my temper, the addition of cognition is uncomparable with my temper so, therefore I love this assignment.

“ Heart! We will bury him ” By Emily Dickinson

Heart! We will bury him!

You and I-tonight!

You may bury the heat he gave-

I will bury the visible radiation!

When you have done, pray state me

That I may straight Begin!

Haste! lest while you ‘re dawdling

I remember him! A

*Dickinson, Emily, “ Heart! We Will Forget Him ” and Thomas Herbert. Johnson.A Final Harvest: Emily Dickinson ‘s Poems.Boston: Small, Brown, 1961. Print.

Personal Response to “ Heart! We Will Forget Him ” by Emily Dickinson

I chose “ Heart! We Will Forget Him ” by Emily Dickinson because of its simpleness and childish- liked verse form that is non so difficult to analyse and understand. The poet, Emily Dickinson keeps the poem reasonably really simple without any as such concealed usage of linguistic communication and imaginativeness that is difficult to understand. This verse form speaks to me because I myself personally have experienced many of the experiences of what as good Emily Dickinson is seeking to stand for in her verse form. For case, I ever want to bury person for good and ne’er want any feelings for them even if it was person that I had used to love passionately like my ma, I ever want to teach my bosom to merely make what I think I want to suddenly with everything. Similarly, Emily Dickinson wants to stand for the fact of unanswered love and seeking urgently to bury a lover by in every stanza adverting “ Heartaˆ¦.. ” Emily Dickinson represents a verse form about “ lost love ” and how one tries to bury another loved one by teaching the bosom immediately.

Love and Friendship by Emily Jane Bronte *

Love is like the wild rose-briar,

Friendship like the holly-tree-

The holly is dark when the rose-briar blooms

But which will blossom most invariably?

The wild rose-briar is sweet in spring,

Its summer flowers scent the air ;

Yet delay boulder clay winter comes once more

And who will name the wild-briar carnival?

Then scorn the cockamamie rose-wreath now

And adorn thee with the holly ‘s shininess,

That when December blights thy forehead

He still may go forth thy Garland viridity.

* Bronte , Emily, and C. W. Hatfield. “ Love and Friendship ” A The Complete Poems of Emily Jane Bronte . New York: Columbia UP, 1941. Print.

Personal Response to “ Love and Friendship ” by Emily Bronte

I chose “ Love and Friendship ” by Emily Jane Bronte because of Bronte ‘s interesting perceptual experience to link both Love and Friendship, similar but distinguishable thoughts together. Bronte, in her verse form is seeking to state about all the things that a friend would make to person that cares and how friendship truly works by sum uping its definition into her verse form and that when person would be in problem, scared or entirely there would be ever like the Friend from where one can acquire the love and comfort. Emily Bronte ‘s verse form besides is seeking to state that the love of a individual can be merely gone, but merely the love of a true existent friend will ever remain. This verse form speaks to me because I ‘ve ever had the same perceptual experience of what Emily Bronte is seeking to do in her verse form as good. I have ever believed that a friend is person who helps alternatively of a individual who talks, confabs and has tiffin with you but finally does n’t assist you out at the terminal. The moral and subject of this verse form is clearly in deepness described as in her rubric, Emily Bronte really clearly states out her fact without compacting it in her verse form and giving no hint of what the verse form is approximately at the rubric.

“ What makes you beautiful ” by One Direction *

You ‘re insecure

Do n’t cognize what for

You ‘re turning caputs when you walk through the door

Do n’t necessitate do up

To cover up

Bing the manner that you are is adequate

Everyone else in the room can see it

Everyone else but you

[ Chorus ]

Baby you light up my universe like cipher else

The manner that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed

But when you smile at the land it aint difficult to state

You do n’t cognize

Oh Oh

You do n’t cognize you ‘re beautiful

If merely you saw what I can see

You ‘ll understand why I want you so urgently

Right now I ‘m looking at you and I ca n’t believe

You do n’t cognize

Oh Ohio

You do n’t cognize you ‘re beautiful

Oh Ohio

That what makes you beautiful

So c-come on

You got it incorrect

To turn out I ‘m right I put it in a vocal

I do n’t cognize why

You ‘re being diffident

And turn away when I look into your eyes

Everyone else in the room can see it

Everyone else but you

* “ One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful Lyrics. “ A Lyrics. N.p. , n.d. Web. 03 Oct. 2012. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: // & gt ; .

Personal Response to “ What Makes You Beautiful ” by One Direction { Lyrics of a Song }

I chose “ What Makes You Beautiful ” by One Direction. One way is a musical set of group of people who came up with the vocal “ What Makes You Beautiful “ . I chose this vocal because it is a good vocal that relates to my subject. The vocal is about loving a miss does n’t necessitate any particular things such as make-up or forge beauty on her organic structure it is alternatively all about what she has in the interior and that you look already beautiful and do n’t necessitate to alter in the manner that you want to be. This words for the vocal speaks to me because in my position I think and judge a individual truly by his/ her inside and what one ‘s bosom truly is instead than whether or one is a good looking individual at the outside. “ One way ” creates the perfect love vocal that mentions a true component of love within their verse form.

“ A Dream Within A Dream ” By Edgar Allan Poe*

Take this kiss upon the forehead!

And, in separating from you now,

Therefore much allow me avow-

You are non incorrect, who deem

That my yearss have been a dream ;

Yet if hope has flown away

In a dark, or in a twenty-four hours,

In a vision, or in none,

Is it therefore the less gone?

All that we see or seem

Is but a dream within a dream.

I stand amid the boom

Of a surf-tormented shore,

And I hold within my manus

Grains of the aureate sand-

How few! yet how they creep

Through my fingers to the deep,

While I weep- while I weep!

O God! can I non hold on

Them with a tighter clasp?

O God! can I non salvage

One from the pitiless moving ridge?

Is all that we see or seem

But a dream within a dream? A

“ A Dream Within A Dream ” , Poe, Edgar Allan, Louis Untermeyer, and Hugo Steiner-Prag.A Complete Poems of Edgar Allan Poe, . New York: Heritage, 1943. Print.

A Poetry Commentary on “ A Dream Within A Dream ”

By: Edgar Allen Poe

“ A Dream Within A Dream “ by Edgar Allen Poe is a verse form about the loss of love, the heartbreaking unhappiness that one faces and the passing nature of clip and fleeting of being. The verse form is good known due to Poe ‘s assorted poetic techniques that have been used to stand for the tormenting context that Poe expresses in his verse form. The chief subject of the verse form is the loss or deficiency of love that one faces. Poe presents a verse form that dramatizes confusion in watching the of import things that slips off in life in two disparate positions, he presents how his loved one vanishes from his life yet he besides realizes that he can non keep onto even one grain of sand. Poe ‘s usage of hidden tone, construction, imagination, initial rhyme and other assorted poetic literary techniques and devices portrays his perceptual experience for the deficiency of love that he faces.

One can easy detect that Poe wrote this Poem after he has lost person of his love ; Poe writes the verse form as a contemplation to his wretchedness on the atrocious event, therefore the verse form holds his wretchedness for the loss of love, load and every bit good the hopelessness and plaint towards life. Poe uses a really dejecting tone in his verse form to show his love for his loved one in the verse form ; Poe creates two stanzas that are disparate but nevertheless finally linked. Poe makes both the stanzas describe that life slips off from us like a long lost lover or besides a handful of “ aureate sand “ crawling through fingers. Gradually life slips off similar sand, Here Poe uses the perceptual experience of an hourglass. Poe is in secret seeking to state us by the two stanzas that life is cherished but sometimes decease can come like a moving ridge from a breaker tormented shore and take your loved one off. Poe makes the construction of the verse form ordinary and typical to stoping in lone pairs or threes nevertheless the subject of “ loss of love ” is frequently sporadically rephrased in some manner in each of the stanza ‘s. Throughout the Poem, Poe besides exclaims with sorrow and cholers many rhetorical inquiries that are preponderantly asked to merely express his importance and outburst instead than an reply. An illustration of his exclaimed rhetorical inquiries would be when in the last stanza Poe makes all the last lines expressed in inquiries instead than replies.

In the First Stanza, Poe starts the Poem with a formal good pass to his loved one ( line 1 and 2 ) “ Take this kiss upon the forehead! And, in separating from you know ” these two lines express Poe ‘s fondness and anguish as he loses his loved 1. Poe besides gives the reader the image of a buss on a forehead and a farewell which indirectly means that he and his loved one are separating ways in the really beginning of the verse form. This event that Poe uses the image of could typify that it is the terminal of a relationship, clip or even life. It is putative how Poe ‘s loved one claims that life is merely a dream, now that Poe accedes that fact as his loved one has been extinct from his life, Poe therefore references “ Yet if hope has flown off aˆ¦ . The less gone? ( Line 6 and 9 ) put across Poe ‘s hopelessness when it comes to trust. Poe besides repeated the word “ in ” two times in two lines ( line 7 and 8 ) to stress how hope is delicate and can be destroyed suddenly at any minute that no 1 knows. Poe concludes the first stanza by adverting that “ All what we see or seemaˆ¦.. a dream within a dream “ . Here, Poe uses initial rhyme within the footings “ see ” and “ look ” to define the reader the fact that nil that one see ‘s, feel ‘s or even notices is any more existent than a dream.

In the 2nd Stanza, Poe uses a disparate environment to show the state of affairs “ loss of love ” ; the tormenting context in the Poem. Poe introduces the reader to his deficiency of love or powerlessness in other words through the imagination of himself hold oning grains of “ aureate sand ” that “ creep ” . This image that Poe represents in his Poem is a important thought in Poe ‘s Poem due to it being finally Poe ‘s cardinal statement that Poe seems to maintain on paraphrasing on each of his stanzas In the verse form. First, Poe ‘s image of “ aureate sand “ falling delineates the readers of an hr glass which so symbolizes clip passing by. The storyteller, Poe grabs sand that trickles between his finger, which so reminds him of the nonsense of life, and that nil is more existent than a dream. The 3rd piece of imagination that Poe introduces the reader to is the powerful image of the “ surf – tormented shore “ and set ‘s himself standing among the booms of moving ridges. By puting himself among the anguished booms of moving ridges, Poe creates a metaphor that is used to show Poe ‘s tortures from the loss of his loved one, and how the moving ridges and booms are powering him and at the same clip submerging in his ain wretchedness. The verse form continues and is fundamentally all about the storyteller ‘s battles and hurting that he feels for his loved 1. All of these metaphors have significances near to the passing nature of clip, which leads Poe to the decision that life about seems to hold no significance and no intent with the deficiency of love, as life base on ballss by so fast. The sand and the breaker tormented shore or moving ridges are an illustration that Poe uses to typify slow and gradual decay of life and love. The moving ridges keep hitting the shore, until easy the shore gets depleted by the everlasting moving ridges. All of these symbols lead back to these images which besides finally lead back to Poe ‘s subject of “ Is it therefore the less gone? and the deficiency of love that one faces. “ While I weep- while I weep! ” ( Line 7 ) . Here, Poe gives the reader the notice that how his weep as his wretchedness overwhelms his defences, as he pains for the loss of his love. As Poe explains his wretchedness, weep and hurting he implores God for aid. Poe emphasizes his hurting as Poe wants to salvage 1 that has already passed away by puting a metaphor of “ salvaging one from the pitiless moving ridge ” , Poe continuously uses the phrase “ O God “ to show his feelings and emotions towards his loved one. Then to reason, and complete with the subject Poe uses two inquiries at the terminal of his verse form “ Is it all we seeaˆ¦ . A dream within a dream ” , to paraphrase one time once more that everything was a dream and that of the passing nature of clip no 1 can overcome life and that everything will be merely merely a dream.

In Conclusion, “ A Dream Within A Dream “ by Edgar Allen Poe, is a verse form that has usage of many poetic techniques and ways to show such an excruciating thought where loss, love, choler and the passing nature of clip all take topographic point is overall really effectual as Poe manages to make so in such a short verse form with merely two stanzas. The verse form displays some really of import facets of life such as decease, the passing nature of clip and hope in some instances as good within the subject of “ loss of love ” and merely one who loses their love. Despite this verse form, “ A Dream Within A Dream ” will still be remembered by myself on how Poe ‘s perceptual experience that everything around us now is merely a dream and nil ‘s every bit existent as we know it.


Oxygen! love to me is but a season –

Rarely does it outstay, A

And Tho ‘ I pain to seek a ground, A

Like the dream, it fades off

To go forth me one time once more in awe

Of how the bosom can render raw

In loss of love ; but so to surge

Atop anew! – and acclaim adios! A

To her who fled from opportunity I gave

To see us wed: Then on, A

To tribunal another fairer face –

And lose once more in terminal of pursuit! A

I curse the seasons evermore –

They tease me thro ‘ their metaphor: A

Get downing fresh, their energy immature, A

Yet oversoon, the ditty Sung.

*Slaughter, Mark R. “ ” Ditty ” by Mark R Slaughter. ” Poem Hunter, n.d. Web. 3 Oct. 2012. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: // & gt ; .

“ Annabel Lee ” By Edgar Allan Poe *

It was many and many a twelvemonth ago,

In a land by the sea,

That a maiden at that place lived whom you may cognize

By the name of ANNABEL LEE ;

And this inaugural she lived with no other idea

Than to love and be loved by me.

I was a kid and she was a kid,

In this land by the sea ;

But we loved with a love that was more than love-

I and my Annabel Lee ;

With a love that the winged seraphs of Eden

Coveted her and me.

And this was the ground that, long ago,

In this land by the sea,

A air current blew out of a cloud, chilling

My beautiful Annabel Lee ;

So that her coroneted kinsman came

And tire her away from me,

To close her up in a burial chamber

In this land by the sea.

The angels, non half so happy in Eden,

Went envying her and me-

Yes! – that was the ground ( as all work forces know,

In this land by the sea )

That the air current came out of the cloud by dark,

Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee.

But our love it was stronger by far than the love

Of those who were older than we-

Of many far wiser than we-

And neither the angels in Eden above,

Nor the devils down under the sea,

Can of all time divide my psyche from the psyche

Of the beautiful Annabel Lee.

For the Moon ne’er beams without conveying me dreams

Of the beautiful Annabel Lee ;

And the stars ne’er rise but I feel the bright eyes

Of the beautiful Annabel Lee ;

And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side

Of my darling- my darling- my life and my bride,

In the burial chamber at that place by the sea,

In her grave by the sounding sea.A

“ Annabel Lee ” , Poe, Edgar Allan, Louis Untermeyer, and Hugo Steiner-Prag.A Complete Poems of Edgar Allan Poe, . New York: Heritage, 1943. Print.

“ That I did ever love ” by Emily Dickinson*

That I did ever love

I bring thee Proof

That boulder clay I loved

I ne’er lived-Enough-

That I shall love alway-

I argue thee

That love is life-

And life hath Immortality-

This-dost 1000 doubt-Sweet-

Then have I

Nothing to demo

But Calvary-A

“ That I Did Always Love – A Poem by Emily Dickinson – American Poems. “ A That I Did Always Love – A Poem by Emily Dickinson – American Poems. N.p. , n.d. Web. 03 Oct. 2012. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: // & gt ; .


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