Accounting Equation Essay

The accounting equation is a expression that represents the relationship between the assets. liabilities. and owner’s equity of a little concern. Businesss use this to fundamentally demo what it owns what it owes and what its investors are puting. In order to understand these constructs it is of import to hold some cognition of what is meant by each of the three basic constituents mentioned. “Assets refer to the worth of goods or merchandises in the ownership of the proprietor. Liabilities represent the sum of hard currency or resources that were borrowed in order to get the assets.

Net worth is the fiscal worth of the person. less any outstanding debts to outside entities. ” ( M. Tatum 2013 ) . These things are of import because this is what makes a concern of any size thrive. Business need to cognize these things so that it may do determinations about its hereafter to find whether or non it has the possible to be successful and prosper in the hereafter or if they should take an alternate path to better their concern pattern. The balance Sheet plays a function in the accounting equation by giving a brief image of the company’s fiscal province at a point in clip.

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The balance sheet will stand for the accounting equation for a company Assets = Liabilities + Owners’ Equity stated more merely. the dollar sum of the assets equals the dollar sum of the liabilities plus the dollar sum of the owners’ equity. The balance sheet presents a company’s resources. what they have what they owe and what is invested in them. For illustration. state a company has an addition of $ 1. 000 to its assets since the proprietor decided to put more money into his concern. This addition to assets represents an equal addition to the sum of money the company owes to the proprietor ( equity ) .

Therefore. the accounting equation will non stay in balance unless $ 1. 000 is added to the company’s equity every bit good ( QuickMBA. 2007 ) . It is of import to recognize. though. that a dealing can impact merely one side of the accounting equation. For case. if a company chooses to buy office supplies for $ 400 utilizing hard currency. this will non impact the business’s liabilities or equity. Alternatively. it merely represents the exchange of one plus for another ( hard currency is decreased by $ 400. while office supplies increase by $ 400 ) .

Finally. a dealing can do more than two affects on the accounting equation. For illustration. state a retail merchant decides to purchase a cargo of a new merchandise for $ 1. 000. This causes an automatic addition of $ 1. 000 to stock list ( an plus ) . However. alternatively of paying for this cargo with lone hard currency. the company decides to pay $ 500 up forepart and buy the remainder on recognition. As a consequence. hard currency is merely decreased by $ 500 and liabilities are increased by $ 500. therefore doing three alterations to the accounting equation ( Money Instructor. 2005 ) .


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