A Country Political Instability Economics Essay

As we know that, a state political instability or stableness is an of import issue to foreign invest. India has been instable politically in the yesteryear but it is a little politically stable in these old ages. Therefore, our company is puting to the India capital market. There two of import political factors that our company need pay attending is employee jurisprudence and revenue enhancement. Furthermore, the Minimum Wages Act, 1948 provides for execution of minimal rewards in regard of ordered employments in India. From twelvemonth 2011, the National Floor Level of Minimum Wage has been greater than before from rupee 80 to rupee 115 per twenty-four hours. Besides that, harmonizing to Factories Act, 1948, all fabrication that is more than 10 employee and transporting fabrication activities significance of Factory. Our company is fabricating cooking oil concern in India, and the worker is more than 10 people, so, our company have to supplies for the wellness, safety, public assistance, working hours and go forth of workers in mills.

The 2nd political factor revenue enhancement that need to coverage is corporate revenue enhancement. Harmonizing to the income revenue enhancement Act, 1961 provides the specific legislative acts for other revenue enhancements. There are two type of corporate revenue enhancement such domestic company and foreign company. Our company is foreign company, therefore we need to pay 42.23 % ( 40 % plus surcharge of 2.5 % and instruction Ce of 3 % ) nonexempt income exceeds INR 10miilion to the India authorities. It will impact our company by cut downing net income due to payment corporate revenue enhancement to India authorities.

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Besides that, Malaysia and India agree to do a Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement ( Miceca ) . The MICECA is a comprehensive Agreement between Malaysia and India that covering Investment, Economic Cooperation, Trade in Services and Trade in Goods. Therefore, our company can across trade in services, goods ( cooking oil ) and investings that principal to progressive initial of markets by both India and Malaysia. Furthermore, these market entree chances are estimated to interpret into more freedom motion of investing, professionals, goods and services between the two states. In add-on, MICECA will besides supply for strategic partnerships between Malaysian and Indian concerns, such as joint ventures in services sectors by health care, building, and franchising.

Economic Analysis

Economic is of import issue that influenced by country unique to economic system and comprised by economic system or straight influenced by economic system, countries such as exchange rates, purchase power ( GDP ) , rising prices rate, and involvement rate.

From the chart shown that exchange rate between Malaysia and India are 17.82985. So, 100 Malayan Ringgit multiply exchange rate 17.82985 and we will have 1,782.985 Indian Rupee. A strong currency is doing export more hard due to monetary value is raise in footings of foreign currency. Changes in the exchange rate besides effects on the economic system impacting variables such as the demand for imports and exports, rising prices, existent GDP growing, and concern net incomes. Once the exchange rate between Malaysia and India is cut down, it will impact our cooking oil concern cut down the net income.

The Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) in India is expanded 0.8 per cent in the 2nd one-fourth of 2012 over the old one-fourth. It provides an aggregative step of alterations in value of the services and goods produced by an economic system. A alteration in GDP, whether addition or lessening, typically has an of import consequence on the stock market. For illustration, bad economic system normally receives lower net income for a concern and which in bend agencies lower stock monetary values. From the graph, it is shown India economic is traveling recession. And it will impact our company acquiring low net income.

The rising prices rate in India was recorded at 7.81 per cent in September of 2012. With rising prices, our company are paid a fixed rate of involvement on loans and rental, so, we have been increase purchase power and having benefit from involvement net incomes. Besides that, rising prices impact our company by aggravate higher pay demands from employees and raise costs.

Besides that, involvement rate is besides an of import issue to impact economic system. Lower involvement rate helps it easier for people to borrow in order to purchase places and autos. Presents, the involvement rate in India was reported at 8.00 per cent. It means that, higher involvement rates in India make our company to pay more loans in involvement rate.

Social-Culture Analysis

Population in India

Population in India increased to 1250 Million in December of 2011 from 1200 Million in December of 2010, harmonizing to a study provides by the World Bank. The population of India represents 18 per cent of the world?s overall population which perchance means that one individual in every six people on the Earth is a occupant of India.

Population map of India

From the image above show that, Mumbai – 12,448,447, Delhi – 11,007,835, Bangalore – 8,426,970, Hyderabad – 6,509,970, Ahmadabad – 5,470,585, Chennai – 4,683,087, Kolkata – 4,482,679, Surat – 4,461,002, Pune – 3,215,431, Jaipur – 3,173,350. Urban countries environing Cities are called Urban Agglomeration.

Age distributions in India

Harmonizing to CIA World Fact book, the India age construction of 0-14 old ages is 29.7 % which is male standing for 187,450,635 and female standing for 165,415,758.The scope of 15-64 old ages is 64.9 % which is male 398,757,331 and the female is 372,719,379. And last scope 65 old ages and over: 5.5 % which is male 30,831,190 and female 33,998,613. Besides that, the entire average age of India 26.5 old ages, male average age is 25.9 old ages, and female average age is 27.2 old ages.

Religion in `

In this state India is a state where people are free to take to believe in which faith. The bulk of 82 % of people are believed in faith Hindu. 14 % of people is believed Muslim, 2 % semen from Sikh faith and 2 % come from other faith.


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